CPC Meeting – Jan. 31, 2011

Capital Planning Committee
January 31, 2011
City Hall, Room 305
12:00 – 1:00 PM

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CPC Meeting – Jan. 24, 2011

Capital Planning Committee
January 24, 2011
City Hall, Room 305
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Praise for the City’s public projects and public-private partnerships

Let the Sun Shine In, by Allison Arieff, exhibits the evolution of the 150-year old Laguna Honda from Almshouse to nightingale ward to an inspired renovation of what “a truly effective health care facility might look, feel and act like.”  Infusion of natural light, attention to detail in room settings, and the unique use of art  – all help to not only uplift space but make space more navigable, following the idea that “rehabilitation encompasses the creative mind and the social being…too”.

 Public access to S.F. bay tied to private projects, by John King, explains the partnerships and innovative thinking that take projects like the Exploratorium from nice ideas to real achievements in San Francisco.  “The public-private seam is a delicate one” notes the article, a seam that will surely be tested for years to come as San Francisco continues to evolve.

I’m ONESF: SFFD Battalion Chief Michael Thompson

I'm ONESF: SF Fire Battalion Chief Michael Thompson

Infrastructure is critical to the San Francisco Fire Department’s ability to respond to emergencies and other calls for service. From high pressure fire hydrants to seismically safe Fire houses, the Fire Department relies on a vast, innovative, and often invisible network of pipes, hoses, cisterns, and hydrants to do its job.

For Battalion Chief Michael Thompson it’s a matter of life safety. Here is Chief Thompson in his own words:

CPC Meeting – Jan. 10, 2011

Capital Planning Committee
January 10, 2011
City Hall, Room 305
12:00 – 2:00 PM

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New Year’s Resolution: Learn Your Street’s PCI Score!

The City and County of San Francisco will post its $24 billion 2012-2021 Capital Plan today on its newly designed website www.onesanfrancisco.org. The new plan’s release accompanies the Capital Planning Program’s new public outreach effort entitled ONESF: Building Our Future.

“ONESF is vital to the preservation of what makes San Francisco a world-class city,” said Edwin Lee, City Administrator. “During these past five years – and despite a tough economic climate – San Francisco is renovating libraries, rebuilding parks, and retrofitting hospitals – all while creating jobs and stimulating the economy.”

Created in 2005 by Mayor Gavin Newsom and the Board of Supervisors, the Capital Plan guides infrastructure investments for our parks, recreation centers, hospitals, utility, transportation, streets, public safety buildings and other public assets.

With the launch of the ONESF website residents can access information about all major city-planned capital projects. The site also reports on specific policy issues such as repairing city streets or modernizing San Francisco’s unique emergency water system.

“Through the ONESF website, residents can see how their tax dollars have been invested in public safety and improvements in their neighborhood,” said Brian Strong, Director of Capital Planning, a program that recently received the Municipal Fiscal Advisory Committee Excellence Award.

ONESF represents the City’s united commitment to building a better future for all San Franciscans: strengthening our security, expanding a vibrant economy, and maintaining our high quality of life. There’s only one San Francisco. Let’s take care of it. Please visit the website: www.onesanfrancisco.org for more information or to register for a new quarterly email newsletter, “friend” ONESF on Facebook, or follow ONESF on Twitter.

Members of the Media: To obtain images of the new signs and website features, please contact Adam Van de Water at: Adam.VandeWater@sfdpw.org.

1 PCI refers to the Pavement Condition Index that gauges the quality of California streets. Learn more at www.onesanfrancisco.org.  You can also see a visualization of PCI scores or download the data at datasf.org.

For the City Administrator’s Office
Adam Van De Water, (415) 558-4515

FY 2012-2021 Draft Capital Plan

The Draft of the 2012-2021 Capital Plan is complete.  Please download individual chapters below or the entire Draft Capital Plan(6mb pdf)

Executive Summary
Public Safety
Health and Human Services
Infrastructure and Streets
Recreation, Culture and Education
Economic and Neighborhood Development
General Government

  1. The financial table for the Housing Authority was accidentally left out of the draft Capital Plan. Missing SF Housing Authority financial table.
  2. The Port Chapter is not anticipated until mid or late February.