Summer Newsletter: Budget, Greenest City, SF’s Credit

Check out the Summer Newsletter for information on the Capital Budget, the Greenest City, Good Government, Branch Library Improvements, and SF’s Credit.

FY 2011-2012 Capital Budget

We’ll publish a more detailed Budget summary soon, but in the meantime you can download the General Fund Capital Budget or the Enterprise Capital Budget.  If you’re new to our program, you can also learn more about the 10-Year Capital Plan or contact us if you have questions or your organization would like a presentation.

Highlights of the Capital Budget include:

  • $45.6 million from the City’s General Fund for: accessibility improvements; maintenance and repairs; renewals at critical public safety and health services facilities; and planning and design for projects critical to the Hall of Justice Replacement.
  • $2 million from the Public Utilities Commission for sustainability and energy efficiency projects that reduce energy usage while improving infrastructure.
  • $37 million for repairs and improvements funded through other sources such as the Open Space Fund and various Federal, State, and local sources.
  • $224 million for Enterprise investments at the Port, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, and Airport.
  • Note: The charts and budget do not include potential revenue from the Road Repaving and Street Safety Bond.

General Fund Department Breakdown:

54% General fund, 3% PUC, 43% Other Non-GFSummary of Uses: 24% Streets, 19% Enhancements, 23% Maintenance and Renewal, 12% ADA, 22% Other

Enterprise Department Breakdown:

PUC 71%, Port 8%, Airport 21%