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In response to concerns from City leaders and citizens, Mayor Gavin Newsom and the Board of Supervisors passed legislation in August 2005 requiring the City to annually develop and adopt a ten-year capital expenditure plan for city-owned facilities and infrastructure. This legislation also created the Capital Planning Committee (CPC) and the Capital Planning Program (CPP).

Capital Planning Committee

The Capital Planning Committee, or CPC, makes recommendations to the Mayor and Board of Supervisors on all of the City’s capital expenditures.   The CPC annually reviews and approves the Capital Plan, Capital Budget, and issuances of long-term debt.

The CPC is chaired by the City Administrator and includes the President of the Board of Supervisors, the Mayor’s Finance Director, the Controller, the City Planning Director, the Director of Public Works, the Airport Director, the Executive Director of the Municipal Transportation Agency, the General Manager of the Public Utilities System, the General Manager of the Recreation and Parks Department, and the Executive Director of the Port of San Francisco.

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Capital Planning Program

Under the City Administrator, staff of the Capital Planning Program review and prioritize Capital Plan and Capital Budget requests; project and coordinate funding sources and uses; produce the 10 year Capital Plan; provide policy analysis and reports on interagency capital planning; and provide staff support to the Capital Planning Committee.

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