Committee Members

City Administrator’s Office (Chair)
Naomi Kelly, City Administrator
Naomi Kelly Picture
Alternates:  Brian Strong, Ken Bukowski

Ivar Satero, Airport Director
Alternates: Geoff Neumayr, Kevin Kone

Board of Supervisors
London Breed, Board President
London Breed Picture
Alternates: Conor Johnston, Samantha Roxas

City Controller’s Office
Ben Rosenfield, City Controller
Ben Rosenfield Picture
Alternates: Nadia Sesay, Peg Stevenson

Public Works Department
Mohammed Nuru, Director

Mohammed Nuru Picture
Alternates: Fuad Sweiss, Edgar Lopez

Mayor’s Office of Public Policy & Finance
Kate Howard, Budget Director

John Martin Picture
Alternates: Melissa Whitehouse (Interim Budget Director), Ted Conrad

Municipal Transportation Agency
Edward Reiskin, Director
Ed Reiskin Picture
Alternate: Darton Ito, Jonathan Rewers

Planning Department
John Rahaim, Director
John Rahaim
Alternates: Thomas DiSanto

Port of San Francisco
Elaine Forbes, Interim Executive Director
Alternates: Brad Benson

Public Utilities Commission
Harlan Kelly, General Manager

Harlan Kelly Picture
Alternates: Michael Carlin, Kathy How

Recreation and Park Department
Phil Ginsburg, General Manager
Phil Ginsburg Picture
Alternates: Dawn Kamalanathan, Toks Ajike