RFP Questions and answers

July 16, 2018



RFP language:

Page 4 of 15:  Each Proposer should demonstrate its capabilities by providing responses to RFP Attachment II, Proposal Template. 

Page 9 of 15: 

Include the following components in the Proposal Package:

  • RFP Attachment I            Proposal Narrative
  • Cost Proposal                  Quote Form 3 and Associated Project Cost Documentation
  • Please clarify “Attachment II” – Proposal template.  Is this a separate attachment or is this the same as Attachment I: Proposal Narrative? Please resend Attachment II.
  • Please clarify that “Attachment I: Proposal Narrative” is the same as section 4.4 (page 10-11) found in the main body of the RFP. Is this to be filled out separately from Attachment II – Proposal Template?


In answer to both questions above, the reference to “RFP Attachment II, Proposal Template” from Page 4 of 15 is a carryover error from an older RFP. There is no RFP Attachment II for this solicitation. Submissions should include “RFP Attachment I, Proposal Narrative” as on Page 9 of 15. Apologies for the confusion.