FY 2012-2021 Capital Plan

Unanimously approved by the Mayor and Board of Supervisors, the FY 2012-2021 Capital Plan includes figures on the costs of delivering the America’s Cup, making seismic repairs to critical facilities, and improving streets and parks without going beyond our means.  In total we believe that the City and its partner agencies can deliver $24.8 billion in infrastructure investments without raising property tax rates or overburdening the General Fund. 

Please download the Plan below or check out the project appendix and map of general fund projects

If you’re unfamiliar with our ten-year planning program, some additional background information  is available.  Contact us if you have questions.

1- Executive Summary and Table of Contents (2 MB, PDF)

2- Public Safety

3- Health and Human Services

4- Infrastructure and Streets

5 – Transportation

6 – Recreation, Culture and Education

7 – Economic and Neighborhood Development

8 – General Government

9 – Appendices 2012-2021

Full Capital Plan (10 MB, PDF)