FY 2012-13 & FY 2013-14 Capital Budget

The following is a summary of the FY2012-13 & FY2013-14 Two Year Capital Budget. The budget totals $443.5 million funding critical infrastructure for both General Fund and Enterprise departments. For a more detailed view of the two-year capital budget please refer to the General Fund Capital Budget and the Enterprise Capital Budget.  To see a copy of the budget presentation given to the Capital Planning Committee click here.

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  • Appropriated $162M to General Fund departments with $99 M coming from the City’s General Fund.
  • $89M invested in building maintenance & repairs and renewal of key infrastructure, including streets and right-of-way.
  • $16M to fully fund the ADA Transition Plan (TP) – please note that the Transition Plan does not represent the City’s full ADA investment; other ADA improvements were funded outside of the Transition Plan.
  • $62M for improvements funded through outside sources such as the Open Space Fund and various federal, state, and local sources.
  • $5M for planning projects related to seismically strengthening and enhancing  critical public health and justice facilities.

Summary of General Fund Source ($99 M)

Summary of All Sources* ($162 M)

*NOTE: Appropriation does not include general obligation bond proceeds.


  • $181M for critical airfield and terminal improvements.
  • $71M to support the PUC’s water, waste water and power enterprises’ capital needs.
  • $30M to protect and enhance waterfront properties  and improve Port services.

Summary of Sources* ($282 M)

*NOTE: Appropriation does not include capital supplemental requests previously approved.