FY2013-14 & FY2014-15 Capital Budget

On June 25, 2013 the Board of Supervisors approved the FY2013-14 & FY2014-15 two-year budget, which includes $445 million* for funding critical infrastructure for both General Fund and Enterprise departments. This includes the FY14 & FY15 budgets for General Fund Departments and the FY14 budget for enterprise departments, which are on a fixed two-year budget. The total does not include the PUC capital budget, which was passed as a supplemental ordinance rather than through the Annual Appropriation Ordinance (AAO). For a more detailed view of the two-year capital budget please refer to the General Fund Capital Budget and the Enterprise Capital Budget. Please click here for a copy of the budget presentation at the Capital Planning Committee.

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*Note: FY14 & FY15 budget amounts are subject to change until Mayor Edwin Lee signs the budget August 1, 2013.

General Fund Departments

General Fund Departments are currently on a rolling two-year budget. The FY2013-14 budget is updated from the previously adopted FY13 & FY14 budget, and the FY2014-15 budget will be revisited during the FY15 & FY16 budget cycle.


  • Appropriated $249M to General Fund departments with $211M coming from the City’s General Fund.
  • $147M invested in building maintenance & repairs and renewal of key infrastructure, including streets and right-of-way.
  • $21M to fully fund the ADA Transition Plan (TP) – please note that the Transition Plan does not represent the City’s full ADA investment; other ADA improvements were funded outside of the Transition Plan.
  • $24M for planning projects related to seismically strengthening and enhancing critical public health and justice facilities.
  • $19M for streets and transportation infrastructure improvements.
  • $38M for improvements funded through outside sources such as the Open Space Fund and various federal, state, and local sources.

FY14 & FY15 General Fund Department Summary ($249M)*

[csv id=’exptype’]Expenditure Type,No. of Projects,Budgeted Amount ($M),Percent of Total
Facility Renewal,77,29.1,11.7
ADA – Facilities,10,12.7,5.1
ADA – Streets and ROW,4,8.9,3.6
Streets and ROW Renewal,12,88.2,35.5
Project Development,4,13.4,5.4

[chart id=”c859405″ csv=”#exptype” adapter=”return data;” type=”donut” category=”Expenditure Type” value=”Budgeted Amount ($M)” format=”s,n” color=”auto” style=”width:100%;height:300px;” title=”FY14 and FY15 Capital Budget by Expenditure Type” description=”FY14 and FY15 Capital Budget by Expenditure Type” sort=”true” interpolate=”none” img=”http://onesanfrancisco.org/wp-content/uploads/FY14-and-FY-15-Capital-Budget-by-Expenditure-Type.jpg” debug=”false”]

[csv id=’servcat’]Service Category,No. of Projects,Budgeted Amount ($M),Percent of Total
Infrastructure and Streets,34,112.3,45.1
Health and Human Services,25,29.7,11.9
Public Safety,43,18.0,7.2
General Government,42,44.3,17.8
Recreation Culture and Education,68,44.5,17.9

[chart id=”c859406″ csv=”#servcat” adapter=”return data;” type=”donut” category=”Service Category” value=”Budgeted Amount ($M)” format=”s,n” color=”auto” style=”width:100%;height:300px;” title=”FY14 and FY15 Capital Budget by Service Category” description=”FY14 and FY15 Capital Budget by Service Category” sort=”true” interpolate=”none” img=”http://onesanfrancisco.org/wp-content/uploads/FY14-and-FY-15-Capital-Budget-by-Expenditure-Type.jpg” debug=”false”]

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Enterprise Departments

The enterprise departments are in the middle of a fixed two-year budget covering FY2012-13 & FY2013-14.

FY14 Highlights

  • $79.9M for critical airfield and terminal improvements.
  • $475.3M to support the PUC’s water, waste water and power enterprises’ capital needs.*
  • $14.0M to protect and enhance waterfront properties and improve Port services.

FY14 Amendments

As permitted by the City Charter, enterprise departments they are allow to amend their budgets up to 5% for the second year of a fixed two-year budget. The FY2013-14 amendments are summarized below.


  • De-appropriated $71.0M and appropriated $55.2M for water capital improvements in FY2013-14.
  • De-appropriated $55.6M and appropriated $38.1M for wastewater capital improvements in FY2013-14.
  • De-appropriated $16.4M and appropriated $5.5M for Hetch Hetchy water and power capital improvements in FY2013-14.
  • Appropriated $55.0M for the water system improvement program in FY2013-14


  • Appropriated $3.1M for capital improvements in FY2013-14


  • De-appropriated $5.0M in FAA grants and appropriated $5.0M in new TSA grants in FY2013-14

Summaries and presentations are available in the CPC Meeting archive for meetings April 1, 2013 and April 29, 2013

FY23 & FY14 Summary*

FY2012-13FY2013-14 OriginalFY2013-14 Revised
Grand Total$544.6$608.3$569.2
Hetch Hetchy Water & Power

*Note: PUC approved two-year capital budget through supplement appropriation in 2012, while Port and Airport submitted their capital budgets through the AAO process.