FY2014-23 Ten-Year Capital Plan

Unanimously approved by the Mayor and Board of Supervisors, the FY 2014-2023 Capital Plan includes figures on the costs of maintaining our streets and right-of-way infrastructure, making seismic repairs to critical facilities, and improving  parks and cultural facilities without going beyond our means.  The document provides a financing plan for the City and its partner agencies to deliver $25.1 billion in infrastructure investments without raising property tax rates or overburdening the General Fund. A full list of the project appendix is available here.

UPDATE: On May 5, 2014 the Capital Planning Committee adopted a resolution amending the Capital Plan by increasing the proposed Street & Transit Infrastructure General Obligation Bond amount to $500 million, up from $150 million.  Below are the supporting documents:

Resolution Amending Capital Plan
Capital Plan Amendment Overview w/ updated tables
City Administrator Transmittal Letter for Capital Plan Amendment

If you’re unfamiliar with our ten-year planning program, some additional background information is available.  Contact us if you have questions.

Table of Contents

I – Executive Summary

II – Resiliency and Capital Planning Initiatives

III – Public Safety

IV – Health and Human Services

V – Infrastructure and Streets

VI – Transportation

VII – Recreation, Culture, and Education

VIII – Economic and Neighborhood Development

IX – General Government

X – Appendices

Full Capital Plan (12MB, pdf)