Hazards and Climate Resilience Plan

City of San Francisco

The City and County of San Francisco is developing a Hazards and Climate Resilience (HCR) Plan. While the Hazards part of this plan is required by FEMA, our City recognizes the impacts of climate change as a hazard so we are incorporating climate resilience. The plan strategies seek to increase the resilience of all the parts of our City that keep it running - buildings, infrastructure, utilities, transportation, communication systems, and of course the people who live and work in San Francisco. The HCR Plan will underpin the City’s next Climate Action Strategy and Community Safety Element update. Numerous departments are collaborating to create this plan so that it is truly comprehensive and holistic. To ensure strategies are based in evidence, the project team has conducted an assessment of the unique hazards we face in San Francisco.

The Public Review Draft is now available for download at the links below. Please send any comments to resilience@sfgov.org .  

HCR Chapter 01_Introduction
HCR Chapter 02_PlanningProcess.pdf
HCR Chapter 03_RiskLandscape
HCR Chapter 04_Hazard Analysis
HCR Chapter 05_V&C
HCR Chapter 06_Capabilities
HCR Chapter 07_Strategy
HCR Chapter 08_PlanMaintenance
HCR Appendix A
HCR Appendices B-G


Key Contacts:

For more information about the purpose or scope of the HCR Plan, please contact the following staff from the SF Office of Resilience and Capital Planning:

Melissa Higbee
HCR Plan Project Manager

Heidi Rivoire
Office Manager

Project Team

The City and County of San Francisco Office of Resilience and Capital Planning is leading this effort in partnership with the Department of Emergency Management, Department of Public Health, Department of the Environment, and Planning.

San Francisco Department of Emergency Management

SF Environment


SF Department of Public Health

San Francisco Planning