Praise for the City’s public projects and public-private partnerships

Let the Sun Shine In, by Allison Arieff, exhibits the evolution of the 150-year old Laguna Honda from Almshouse to nightingale ward to an inspired renovation of what “a truly effective health care facility might look, feel and act like.”  Infusion of natural light, attention to detail in room settings, and the unique use of art  – all help to not only uplift space but make space more navigable, following the idea that “rehabilitation encompasses the creative mind and the social being…too”.

 Public access to S.F. bay tied to private projects, by John King, explains the partnerships and innovative thinking that take projects like the Exploratorium from nice ideas to real achievements in San Francisco.  “The public-private seam is a delicate one” notes the article, a seam that will surely be tested for years to come as San Francisco continues to evolve.