Staff Instructions

Two tools are used for managing Capital Plan and Budget requests. The Facilities Renewal Resource Model provides lifecycle information on City facilities and the Capital Planning & Reporting Database manages requests.

Capital Planning & Reporting Database

The Capital Planning & Reporting Database (CPRd) is the primary tool for planning and budgeting of General Fund capital projects.  Instructions for updating CPRd can be found here:  FY2014-15 & FY2015-16 Capital Budget Instructions

Link to the Capital Planning & Reporting Database (CPRd)

Facilities Renewal Resource Model

The Facilities Renewal Resource Model (FRRM) is a web-based budget modeling tool developed by the Pacific Partners Consulting Group. The model uses basic building information (e.g. gross square feet, number of stories, construction date, etc.) to project annual funding requirements for facilities renewal. Also, it allows for consistent documentation of the existing backlog of deferred maintenance for all departments.

Applications require a login and are for use by City and County of San Francisco staff only.