Mayor Lee & Supervisors Introduce Repaving & Street Safety Bond for November

The Proposed $248 Million Road Repaving and Street Safety Bond will:

  • Repave deteriorated City streets
  • Reduce potholes, which can cost Bay Area motorists $706 annually in car repairs and are dangerous for cyclists
  • Seismically strengthen street structures such as bridges, stairways and tunnels
  • Install curb ramps and reconstruct sidewalks to meet the City’s goal to provide equal access in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Redesign streetscapes to improve safety pedestrian and bicycle safety, contribute to ecological sustainability, and promote economic activity
  • Upgrade traffic, pedestrian, and transit signals and provide other safety features that speed traffic flow and decrease congestion
  • Create approximately 1,600 jobs in San Francisco
  • Will NOT raise property tax rates for San Francisco homeowners

Read the Mayor’s announcement here.

For more information:

Read the bond report.
Learn more about the challenges facing our streets program
 or check out an interactive map of street conditions.
Check out sfgate or examiner coverage of the Bond.

FY 2012-2021 Proposed Capital Plan

The Proposed 2012-2021 Capital Plan is complete.  Please download individual chapters below or the entire Proposed 2012-2021 Capital Plan.

FY 2010-2011 Capital Budget

Proposed Capital Budget Fact Sheet (PDF)
Summary of CPC Approved Capital Budget (PDF)
CPC Proposed Capital Budget: Funded Projects (PDF)  
CPC Proposed Capital Budget: Deferred Projects (PDF)

FY 2011-2020 Capital Plan

Approved by the Mayor and the Board, the 2011-2020 Capital Plan helps guide City investments over the next ten years.

Executive Summary

Full CapitalPlan (12 MB)

For a list of General Fund Projects and Programs, download the project list.

2009-2010 Capital Budget

Summary of CPC Approved Capital Budget (PDF)
CPC Approved Capital Budget: Recommended Projects (PDF)
Proposed Capital Budget Fact Sheet (PDF)
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Eastern Neighborhoods

Eastern Neighborhoods Infrastructure Finance Working Group Final Report (PDF)

2010-2019 Capital Plan

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Press Release, April 7, 2009 (PDF)
Acknowledgements & Table of Contents (PDF)
Section 1 – Executive Summary (PDF)
Section 2 – Public Safety (PDF)
Section 3 – Health & Human Services (PDF)
Section 4 – Infrastructure & Streets (PDF)
Section 5 – Transportation (PDF)
Section 6 – Recreation, Culture & Education (PDF)
Section 7 – Economic & Neighborhood Development (PDF)
Section 8 – General Government (PDF)
Section 9 – Appendix (PDF)
Full Plan (PDF 5 MB)

CPC Reports

Pipeline Assessment

Fact Sheet: Auxiliary Water Supply System Study (PDF)
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