Deferred & Emerging Needs

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Our Capital Plan is a financially constrained plan; projects with and without identified funding are described to give a complete picture of San Francisco’s capital needs. In the current Plan, over $3.5 billion in needs are deferred. The deferred needs in the current plan range from coordinated safety streetscape improvements to running utilities underground, mid-life vehicle overhauls in the transit fleet to remodeling and seismic improvements at Laguna Honda Hospital’s campus.

In addition to these deferred needs, the City tracks a number of emerging needs—items for which there is still uncertainty about scope and/or funding requirements that will be clarified through more advanced planning or policy developments. Current emerging needs include the building of new public safety facilities to meet the needs of San Francisco’s growing population, seismic upgrades on the campus of San Francisco General Hospital, as well as the repurposing and replacement of existing facilities across departments due to changing operational demands.

To address the gap between its capital needs and the resources available, the City continues to explore various approaches, including revising funding benchmarks, leveraging the value of City-owned assets as debt-financing vehicles, preparing projects for voter consideration at the ballot, forming public-private partnerships, and exploring new revenue sources.

Both deferred and emerging needs are listed by service area in the Capital Plan and in the project appendix.