Maintenance & Renewal

Market Street Potholes

Significantly underfunded in the past, annual maintenance and “state of good repair” renewal needs (such as pothole and roof repairs) are considered part of the pay-as-you-go program.  Paid for mostly with General Fund revenues, the limited funding for these needs has led to a large backlog, decreased service, and increased operating costs.  Current renewal needs are only partially funded in the Capital Plan.

In order to eventually meet renewal needs, the Capital Plan recommends increasing funding at 7% per year.   These modest annual increases help extend the useful life of the City’s facilities and roads, maximize the effective delivery of services, and keep repair or replacement needs from becoming more costly.

Though the Capital Plan shows a historic level of investment and puts us on a path to eventually meet the City’s needs, the backlog will continue to grow until annual renewal funding meets the annual need in 2025.

Despite these funding constraints on our basic state of good repair program, the voters, Mayor, and Board have approved significant investments in some major program areas that impact public safety.

Learn about our Major Programs, or download the executive summary or project list for the Capital Plan.