Disability Access

17th & Valencia Curb Ramp Construction

17th & Valencia

The City is heavily investing in improving accessibility at City facilities and in the public right of way.  These investments, required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and various legal settlements, are part of an ADA Transition Plan managed by the Mayor’s Office of Disability and included in the Capital Plan.

Key components of the ADA Transition Plan include:

  • removing architectural barriers in City facilities.
  • installing curb ramps on City streets.

The current Capital Plan anticipates $175 million in funding for disability accessibility improvements over the next ten years, including $85 million for sidewalk improvements and repair, and $71 million for curb ramps in support of San Francisco’s ADA Right-of-Way Transition Plan.  Together these investments help ensure that all San Franciscans – regardless of age, physical ability, or number of kids in tow – can safely navigate our streets, sidewalks, and public buildings.

To learn more about: the ADA Transition Plan for facilities, ADA rights and complaint procedures, or a list of agencies to contact for ADA issues, visit the Mayor’s Office of Disability website.