Earthquake Safety

SFGH Campus

Since the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, voters have approved several General Obligation Bonds to retrofit facilities, and the City has prioritized projects with seismic components.  However, the City has many assets that still need to be rebuilt or retrofitted.

One of the City’s highest priorities is to make sure that the we perform well during and after an earthquake.   It’s critical that first responders have functional infrastructure, and it’s essential to our economic recovery that services continue or can be restored quickly.  To that end, the Capital Plan has several major seismic and public safety programs.

Use any of the links below to visit program websites:

The Earthquake Safety and Emergency Response Bond Program is a series of General Obligation Bonds focused on first responder infrastructure and related services.

The San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH) Bond is the first in a series to address the SFGH campus.  The bond rebuilds the main hospital, but doesn’t address other brick outpatient and administrative buildings — some of which are from 1915.

The Branch Library Improvement Program (BLIP), renovating or replacing the City’s twenty-four branch libraries, is complete.

The Water System Improvement Program (WSIP) is a revenue bond program funded by rate payers and managed by the Public Utilities Commission. This project has substantial seismic components designed to protect San Francisco and the Bay Area’s water supply in the event of an earthquake.

In addition to the voter approved bond programs, the City performs some projects by issuing other types of debt. These seismic projects, such as the recently completed improvements at the Veterans’ Building, still keep us well below our limit on general fund debt.