Learn Your Street’s PCI Score

The City has over 850 miles of streets and paved nearly 400 blocks last year, but underfunding has led to a gradual decline in our pavement conditions since 1988. The standard measurement of street quality, a 100 point scale called the pavement condition index (PCI), shows San Francisco streets are currently at 64 – this is below the state average and more expensive to maintain than a best practice level of 70.

The table below explains the costs and associated treatments made based on the PCI score. Review the table and map to find your street’s PCI! 

You can also learn more about the challenges facing streets or find out if your street is up for repaving.

PCI Score Map color Associated Treatement Cost/Block Image
100-85 Black No action needed
84-64 Blue Maintenance: crack or slurry seals are used to repair distress and reinforce weakened pavement $9,000
63-50 Orange Resurfacing: surface layer is grinded and filled with a new layer (mill and fill) $97,800
49-0 Red Reconstruction: surface layer is grinded, base is repaired, surface layer is replaced (mill and fill w/base repair) $138,000 – $436,400

Automated, raw data for PCI scores is available at Data SF. This map was last updated Jan 26, 2012 and the data is governed by licensing and usage agreements at DataSF.