Project Appendix and Map

Map of ProjectsThe project appendix, maps, and spreadsheets provide additional detail and funding expectations for the project and program requests that impact the City’s general fund (or that are potential GO Bond projects). All project data on this page was generated through requests and recommendations in the Final 2014-2023 Capital Plan. Note that this data is for reference only and does not supersede the Capital Plan or Budget.

Project Maps

The project map includes identified single-site projects.  Multi-site programs such as street resurfacing or the earthquake safety and emergency response program are not included on the map.   Locations are approximate.  Note that we do not provide site information for future capital programs for which environmental review has not yet been completed.

Maps are available through multiple viewers, but installing Google Earth is recommended.

KML format Map for Google Earth or ArcGIS. (FY12-21)

Online Project Map in Google Earth (Plugin Required) (FY12-21)

Google Maps view of Capital Projects (FY12-21)
Several projects, especially at SFGH or the Hall of Justice are at or near the same location in Google Maps.  It is recommended that you browse the project categories on the left side of the map or use Google Earth.


You can also browse projects below or download the project spreadsheet.  Note that the “Future Funding” amount is only provided for deferred projects.

DepartmentProjectDescriptionStatusCurrent CostTotal FundingFuture Funding Required
ARTCultural Center UpgradesDeferred$66,229,254 $111,132,688
ARTArts Commission Gallery Seismic UpgradeDeferred$4,450,528
DBI1660 Mission Tenant ImprovementsThis project will modernize DBI space at 1660 mission to provide an adequate facility and furnishings for the digital plan check and review processes. The resulting space will support larger displays for document review and also address ergonomic issues to reduce worker injuries.Planned$2,000,000 $2,000,000
DEMRadio Site Tower Retrofits and AdditionsThis project will add and retrofit the radio system towers that support 911 Radio Communications. Specifically the project will retrofit the towers at the Twin Peaks and South Hill Radio sites, which do not meet the current TIA/EIA-222-G Code for Radio and Televison Towers. In addition, the scope includes a new tower at Twin Peaks radio site, which will replace the existing Tower 3, which is over 30 years old. Last, the project will add a new monopole at VA Hostipal. There is no existing tower structure at VA Hospital, and current antennas are installed on a water tank that has no room for expansion or additional antennas. Emerging
DEMRadio Site ImprovementsThis project will provide improvements to new and existing Radio Sites, and is required for the upgrade and replacement of the City's 800MHz Emergency Radio System. The scope of work includes updates to the electrical, HVAC systems, generator and DC power systems at eight (8) radio sites including Twin Peaks, Forrest Hill, South Hill, One Market Plaza, Clay Jones, VA Hospital, Bernal Heights, and SF State University Radio Sites. It also includes a new Radio Site at a location in Hunters Point. Emerging
DEMSite Improvement for BayWEB ProjectThis project will provide enhancements to the twenty (20) communications sites chosen for the BayWEB Project. The project is required for the buildout of the BayWEB network in the City. The BayWEB network is a regional, public safety wireless broadband system that will support first responder communications throughout the Bay Area region. The scope of work includes adding HVAC, electrical improvements, DC Power Systems, and tower/mounting structures to install 700MHz broadband LTE equipment at City facilities.Emerging
DEMTwin Peaks Radio Site ImprovementsThis project will make modifications to the Twin Peaks work space and building structure. The scope of work includes adding additional work space, repurposing work space into base station instllations, and improving the plumbing at the facility.Emerging
DEMFiber Upgrades for Radio SitesThis project will provide enhanced fiber communications to the Radio Sites. The scope of work includes adding redundant fiber pathes to all radio sites. The sites will be included on the fiber ring, improving the redundancy capability to all communications sites.Emerging
DPHSFGH RebuildSFGH provides a full complement of inpatient, outpatient, emergency, skilled nursing, diagnostic, psychiatric, and rehabilitation services for adults and children. In addition, SFGH operates the only Trauma Center (Level 1) for 1.5 million residents of San Francisco and northern San Mateo County. The impetus for this project is state Senate Bill 1953 that requires all California acute care hospitals to meet upgraded seismic safety standards by either retrofitting existing buildings or electing the option to rebuild a new hospital building by 2013. SB 1953 applies only to acute care (i.e., inpatient) and emergency services; it does not apply to ambulatory, psychiatric or skilled nursing services provided on a hospital campus.Planned$208,500,000 $208,500,000
DPHDPH Administration Building Seismic RetrofitBuilt in 1932, the administrative building for the Department of Public Health is in need of seismic bracing and renovation.Planned$149,750,000 $149,750,000
DPHRemaining SFGH Campus Seismic UpgradeIn 2008 DPH prepared a seismic & life safety cost analysis for its buildings at the SFGH campus. The 2015/2016 GO Bond will address seismic issues at Buildings 5 and 80/90. The remaining seismically-deficient buildings are Buildings 1, 10, 20, 30, 40, and 9, totaling approximately 295,500 gsf. Some additional analysis of programmatic & functional use will be required to make changes to existing floor plans to accommodate the potential for new uses. Based upon the analyses, cost estimates can be refined in subsequent years to better forecast total capital costs to implement the projects.Deferred$300,000,000 $300,000,000
DPHLaguna Honda Hospital Seismic Upgrade (Buildings A, B & C)The project is to seismically improve Buildings A, B, and C at the Laguna Honda Hospital. Buildings A, B, and C serves as the Department Operation Center (DOC) for the facility in the event of a major emergency. Following the Loma Prieta earthquake, the 1926 buildings were assessed and determined to have a Seismic Hazard Rating (SHR) of 3. These buildings house the backbone of the hospital, which includes hospital Adminstration, Accounting, Personnel, MIS; Medical Records, Pharmacy, Physicians and Psychiatrists offices and work areas, nurses training rooms, conference rooms, and lounge; Volunteers areas and offices; and the maintenance shops. These divisions all have critical functions and provide essential services to the hospital and City in the event of an emergency. Initial funding is for analysis, planning, and preliminary design. Emerging
DPHData Center Relocation and Utility UpgradesRelocate SFGH data center to a secure location in an area out of risk of damage or loss from overhead sewage and steam pipes. Project includes uninterrupted power supply (UPS), air conditioning to data center and router room, fire detection system, and operator's monitoring console for data center. Current planning involves studying two potential locations: (1) In the New SFGH Acute Care Hospital; (2) In the Services Building which recently underwent a seismic upgrade. Meetings are being held with AT&T, DPH IT, and SFGH staff to determine the most desirable location and associated costs. Emerging
DPHLHH Facility Master PlanThis new request will provide for a comprehensive master plan of the LHH campus to assess future capital improvement needs over a 10 yr horizon. In addition, this project will also update the IMP for LHH to comply with Department of City Planning requirements. This effort will be simiilar in scope to the master planning process initiated this year at the SFGH campus.Deferred$750,000 $1,210,036
DPHNew Dialysis Unit at Laguna HondaDesign and construct a new 30-chair Dialysis Unit at LHH, which will provide for greater capacity and access for clients of DPH.
See Funding Notes.
Deferred$7,500,000 $12,584,374
DPHSFGH Building 5 Renovation & Seismic RetrofitWhen the new SFGH Acute Care Hospital is completed in 2015, functions from adjacent facilities and health services will move into vacated space in the existing hospital. There will be approximately 290,000 square feet of space available in the building.Planned$189,500,000 $189,500,000
DPHLaguna Honda Hospital Patient Ward RemodelRemodel patient wards (Wards A4,B4,C2,C3,C4) into B2 occupancy office spaces. Once patients leave, the wards do not have the necessary, phone/data systems required. They are also in need of paint and flooring to create a habitable work area. Deferred$500,000 $838,958
DPWBayview Transportation ImprovementsThe improvements include the rehabilitation and reconfiguration of right-of-way to increase roadway capacities, improve pavement condition, street trees, sidewalks, bike lanes sidewalk bulb-outs at corners and bus stops, ADA curb ramps, and features for traffic calming and safety. Segment A includes Jennings from Evans to Cargo Way and Cargo Way from Jennings to Illinois Street. Segment G includes Cesar Chavez from US 101 to Illinois Street, all of Evans Avenue, 25th Street from Illinois to Indiana Street, and Illinois Street from Cargo Way to 25th Street.Deferred$35,077,102 $40,815,160
DPWStreet Resurfacing and ReconstructionTotal need to maintain a PCI of 70 on accepted city streets.Planned$866,362,186 $866,860,308
DPWStreet Structures RepairDPW maintains 362 street structures including retaining walls, stairs, bridges, viaducts, tunnels, underpasses and overpasses. Planned$56,061,676 $52,816,599
DPWSidewalk Improvement and Repair Program The Sidewalk Repair and Inspection Program proactively inspects and makes necessary repairs to approximately 200 square blocks of the City’s most heavily traveled sidewalks. This ensures that the City’s 5,000 plus street segments are inspected on a 25-year cycle. DPW's Sidewalk Abatement Program addresses requests for action outside of Sidewalk Inspection and Repair Program (SIRP) zones. District inspectors will issue Notices to Repair to repsonsibile parties. Property owners who do not abate in response to the NTR will be assessed a fee plus the cost of sidewalk abatement if the City has to repair. In addition, DPW maintains approximately 34,230 street trees that are planted in sidewalk areas. A mature tree’s roots can often break, lift, or buckle the sidewalk around it and create tripping hazards. SSR receives enough funding annually to address an average of 325 sidewalk repairs per year. Planned$78,883,043 $78,883,043
DPWMedian MaintenanceThere are irrigation systems and landscaping on medians across the City. These must be routinely maintained to preserve the useful life of the systems and keep the landscaping in good condition. Irrigation systems obviate the need for manual watering, which costs much more.Planned$25,602,303 $25,523,045
DPWCurb Ramps (ADA Right-of-Way Transition Plan)Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act requires local entities to develop a transition plan specifically for curb ramps. The City is committed to improving curb ramps and providing accessible paths of travel for people with disabilities.Planned$68,914,572 $69,164,572
DPWUtility UndergroundingThis program to move utility lines underground does not have identified funding. Future plans may include additional information on scope, funding, and policy options.Deferred$905,608,263 $1,208,099,951
DPWGreat Highway Long-Term StabilizationThe City has embarked on a program to respond to continuing beach erosion impacts along the Great Highway at Ocean Beach south of Sloat Blvd. This program also involves a partnership with the Army Corp of Engineers, the National Park Service, City Departments a host of stakeholders, local, state and federal regulatory agencies. The Master Plan, design, and construction costs will address infrastructure protection and reconfiguration needs.
Deferred$10,487,500 $16,162,788
DPWStreet Tree Planting, Replacement, and EstablishmentBased on the Urban Forest Master Plan and Financial Assessment, this scope will enable DPW to reverse its relinquishment policy and take over maintenance responsibility for all street trees. This scope entails DPW maintaining the street population by replacing 4% of trees annually, and grow the urban forest by adding 2,900 trees annually. Trees will then receive establishment care for 5 years. Planned$59,341,058
DPWBetter Market Street (Environmental, Design, and Construction)Last upgraded in 1987, Market Street renovation would include roadway base repairs and resurfacing, sidewalk repair, crosswalk reconstruction and curb ramp upgrades, new street trees, and other streetscape improvements between Steuart Street and Octavia Boulevard.Emerging$345,627,671
DPWStreetscape Improvement ProgramImprovement projects are tailored to each street, neighborhood and community. Typical improvements include street tree planting, site furnishings and lighting improvements.Planned$314,092,811 $95,540,800 $285,299,496
DPWDPW - Plaza Inspection and Repair ProgramInspection and renewal of DPW-maintained plazas.Planned$3,415,800 $3,038,581
DPWHallidie Plaza ImprovementsHallidie Plaza is scheduled for exetensive enhancements as part of the Better Market Street project. However, it will still be years before that project is designed, funded, and constructed. There are safety concerns at Hallidie Plaza that cannot wait that long to be implemented. This project would address those pressing concerns, making improvements including: bringing handrails and guardrails up to code, constructing ADA compliant ramps, address drainage problems, and replacing the elevator. Deferred$2,900,000 $4,865,958
FIRAuxiliary Water Supply System ImprovementsThe Auxiliary Water Supply System (AWSS) is the City’s high-pressure emergency fire protection system. Completed in 1913 in response to the fire following the 1906 earthquake, the AWSS consists of 135 miles of high-pressure distribution lines, high pressure hydrants, suction connections, water storage tanks, underground cisterns, reservoirs, and pump stations. The system serves as an independent and redundant water supply that can be used to fight fires. Investments are needed to rehabilitate the system, seismically brace weak pipes and cisterns, and make other improvements to ensure its continued operation. The AWSS currently lacks a system wide capital assessment to inform the final scope of this project and the potential need to expand the system to other portions of the city.Planned$236,003,224 $236,003,224
FIRSFFD Training Facility Relocation and ExpansionThe San Francisco Fire Department currently rents a facility on Treasure Island, which will be demolished once the island's redevelopment plan proceeds. SFFD currently has a small training facility on Folsom Street, which is not large enough nor in an appropriate location for the fire simulators needed for training purposes. A new training facility near the water would also enable the Department to relocate one of the two fireboats, providing better fire protection to the southern waterfront. The Department has discussed the possibility of acquiring 9 acres in the Hunters Point Shipyard area.Deferred$98,125,526 $164,646,448
FIRNew Hunters Point Fire StationThe U.S. Navy has donated its Hunters Point Fire Station to the City. This facility needs extensive work to make it inhabitable. Given the new pattern of development proposed in this redevelopment area, the Department proposes to build a new station to provide fire protection services. This project could be combined with the future training facility if an appropriate location can be identified and a schedule is approved.Deferred$24,531,825 $41,162,357
GSACentral Shops Renovation and Seismic UpgradeDeferred$9,283,469
GSA240 Van Ness DemolitionThis building is currently unoccupied and seismically unsafe.Emerging
GSAWholesale Produce Market ExpansionIn 2009, The Board of Supervisors approved the Fiscal Responsibility and Feasibility Report for the proposed expansion/retention of the Wholesale Produce Market on Jerrold Avenue and Highway 280. In December of 2009, the Environmental Evaluation was submitted to the Planning Department to officially commence the CEQA process. The proposed project would increase the footprint of the market from the current 375,000 square feet to approximately 472,000 square feet, and enhance that square footage to be in conformance with real estate market requirements and anticipated food safety regulations and recommendations. Funds for project construction in 2012 and beyond will likely be a combination of net market revenues and debt instruments to be repaid by the produce market.Planned
GSAADA Transition Plan Improvements - GSAADA Transition Plan project for disabled access in General Services Administration facilities.Planned$100,000 $500,000
GSAOffice of Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) FacilityThe project will relocate the Office of Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) to a seismically safe facility of about 45,000 square feet. The facility will house administrative offices, an autopsy suite, toxicology lab, and support spaces and provide off-street parking for department vehicles. Subject to the findings of environmental review, the current plan is to house the OCME in a renovated industrial building on Newhall Street.Planned$58,400,000 $58,400,000
GSAMoscone Convention Center ExpansionWhile the scope and budget for the entire expansion have not been defined, this project will continue planning efforts to define the project scope and budget. The costs for this planning work total $3.5 million.Planned$485,472,860 $485,472,860
HSA170 Otis Seismic UpgradeThis proposal is for a seismic upgrade of the facility.Deferred$3,300,000 $5,324,158
JUVReplacement of the Youth Guidance Center Administrative BuildingEmerging$50,199,704
JUVConsolidation of Family Court Services at YGC CampusPaid for with state court construction funding, a new Family Court Services building will allow for the relocation of the Superior Court's facilities from the Administration Building to a separate facility. To be determined is whether the state Administrative Office of the Courts who manages the Court Construction Fund will partner with the County to consolidate county and court agencies into one building in lieu of replacement of the current Youth Guidance Center Administration Building. Emerging$99,628,000
JUVLog Cabin Ranch Improvements and Master Plan ImplementationDeferred$59,795,443 $100,331,767
JUVHidden Valley Ranch ReactivationDeferred$53,968,036 $90,553,864
POLSFPD Forensic Services Division (FSD) and Traffic Company (TC) Facility ReplacementThis project relocates and reunites in a seismically safe facility the SFPD Forensic Services Division (FSD) Crime Lab, currently located at Building 606 in Hunter's Point, and SFPD FSD offices, currently in the Hall of Justice (HOJ). The site at 1 Newhall in the Southeast section of the city was purchased and conceptual planning is complete. The project improves the chain of custody of evidence; provides a modern lab to improve efficiency and address increasing caseload; and provides LEED Silver certification. The project also provides a new location for the Traffice Company along with off-street parking for department vehicles and secure storage of vehicles impounded as evidence.
Planned$163,850,000 $163,850,000
POLExpansion and Renovation of the Police Training AcademyThe current Police Academy does not have the required floor space to accommodate training programs required for the 2100 poloce officers in the Department.The Academy is also considered a State Regional Academy where other departments send their recruits for training. It is probable that the San Francisco Polce Academy will lose its Regional certification becauseof its lack of space to acommodate programss and recruits.The preliminary prject budget is based on an expansion need of an area of approximatley 16,260 square feet. The proposed preliminary budget includes costs for the design, construction, related project control cost. If you have any questions regarding the proposed schematic plans, program, and budget, call Edmund Shum at 415-557-4678, Bureau of Architecture.Deferred$12,745,007 $21,385,059
POLSFPD Central District Station ReplacementReplacement of station not covered in prior bond programs.Deferred$26,211,273 $43,980,330
POLGGP Police Stables RenovationThis project consists of grading, paving, leveling and repairing of the stable facility including the corral area. This project provides demolition, compaction, drainage of the coral, the building of engineered retaining walls with new fence area surrounding the corral and the front parking area. It also includes a major roof repair, replacement of all windows and screens. The upgrade of the interior horse stalls, plumbing systems including trofts and the exterior weatherproofing of the stable building.m Estimate cost $1.3 MillionDeferred$589,998 $989,967
POLPublic Safety Building: SFPD Headquarters & Southern StationThe Public Safety Building will be a new facility constructed with funds from the San Francisco Earthquake Safety and Emergency Respond Bond (ESER). The Police Command Center and the Southern District Police Station will move out of the Hall of Justice, which could be rendered unusable in an earthquake, and into a seismically safe facility in Mission Bay at 3rd and Mission Rock. Additionally, a new fire station will be located in the building to serve the growing and underserved Mission Bay community. The bond will help construct the Public Safety Building to ensure that police can respond city-wide to citizen distress and be able to provide a coordinated response during and after a major earthquake.Planned
GSALocal Justice Agencies Relocation from HOJThis project relocates Adult Probation, the District Attorney's office, and functions related to court operations from the seismically deficient Hall of Justice. This represents the construction of a new building to house these departments.Planned$225,000,000 $225,000,000
POLPolice Stations Seismic Improvements & RenewalsSeveral of the City's police facilities are in need of Seismic and Safety improvements and are a component of the City's Earthquake Safety and Emergency Response (ESER) Bond Program. The police station component, slated for inclusion in the ESER 2 Bond, will address seismic and safety needs in conjunction with renewals and other improvements. Planned$109,496,000 $109,496,000
RECMARINA YACHT HARBOR RENOVATIONThe scope of renovation work includes both waterside and landside improvements. Waterside marina renovations would include installation of a new breakwater, removal of existing breakwater structures (moles), reconstruction of portions of the riprap slopes, replacement and reconfiguration of the floating docks and slips, and maintenance dredging. Landside improvements include renovation of the existing harbor office into boater/public restrooms, adaptation of the degausing station into a new harbor office, and parking and landscape improvements.Emerging
RECLincoln Park Golf Course RenovationProposed Work Scope is as follows: Protective netting along Clement Street; New clubhouse/refurbish current clubhouse; New perimeter fence; and Rehab entire course.
RECSharp Park Golf Course RenovationProposed Work Scope is as follows: Redesign interior and refurbish current clubhouse; Rehab entire course (including resolving lake/wetland issues); Seawall; and Develop rifle range into driving range.
RECMcLaren Lodge Seismic and Code UpgradesProposed Work Scope is as follows: Provide seismic and structural upgrades to reinforce the structure and provide a safe working environment. Work would also include ADA upgrades to the building and grounds (including exterior lighting), heating and ventilation system upgrades, electrical upgrades, and the addition of an elevator.
RECKezar Pavilion Seismic UpgradesProposed Work Scope is as follows: Extensive structural repair seismic upgrades are required to ensure the safety of staff and patriots. improvements would include the repair of spaulding, ADA barrier removal, elevator improvements, heating, ventilation and electrical system upgrades, repair and improvements to the parking lot, lighting, security installation.
RECParks Systemwide Modernization ProgramThis bond program will allow RPD continue to address renewal, ADA, seismic, service needs.Planned$270,000,000 $310,000,000
SHFJFIP: County Jails 3 & 4 ReplacementThis project proposes issuing Certificates of Participation to build a new jail. The ideal site will be adjacent to the current HOJ and the criminal courts. Planning efforts to identify the best site and develop conceptual design documents are underway. However, environmental clearances still need to be secured. Construction is expected to begin in 2015.Planned$282,400,000 $286,182,500
WARVeterans Building Seismic RenovationThis project addresses the bracing of both structural and non-structural elements throughout the entire building. The primary concerns are Herbst Theatre and the Green Room, which are the areas that pose the most immediate risk in the event of an earthquake. The theater has a capacity of 916 people and the occupancy of the Green Room is 500.Planned
DPWBiofuels UpgradeInstall a new fuel tank at the DPW Operations Yard to dispense B-20 biofuels.Deferred$1,097,000 $1,840,675
LIBTeen Center at the Main LibraryPhase 1 includes design services and development of construction documents for the development of a Teen Center at the SFPL Main Library. Establishment of a Teen Center at the Main Library will necessitate capital improvements and relocating divisions and/or programs to accommodate the center. Revised timeline and cost estimate expected in January 2013.
Total estimated construction cost of $2,500,000.
Planned$2,550,000 $2,550,000
LIBBranch Post Occupancy InvestmentThe BLIP Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) involves a systematic evaluation of opinions about each library building in use, from the perspective of the people who use them which includes staff and the public. It assesses how well buildings match users' needs, and identifies ways to improve building design, performance, and suitability for purpose. BLIP POE provides the means to monitor and maintain a good fit between facilities and organizations, and the people and activities that they support. BLIP POE will also be used as an integral part of a proactive facilities management program.Emerging$1,150,000
DPWDPW Office Consolidation and ModernizationConstruction of a new facility to consolidate all of DPW's office functions.Deferred$186,680,931 $273,344,408
DPWTSIP - Pedestrian and Bike Safety Improvements (Follow the Paving)Improvements done in conjunction with paving projects to improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety on key corridors. Typical improvements include pedestrian islands, bike lanes, crosswalk enhancements, and traffic calming measures.Planned$48,736,289 $38,319,800 $36,232,771
DPHDPH Clinic Patient Renewal & Upgrade ProgramPatient Enhancement Program would provide new painting, finishes and enhancements to Clinic waiting areas and exteriors not included in prior year funding programs. This work is in advance of the Health Care Reform in 2014.
Sites: All 29 Community Health Service Clinics: 12 Community-Oriented Primary Care (COPC) and 17 Community Behavioral Health Service (CBHS). Also various CMHC, OPHC and MHHC locations.
Deferred$2,000,000 $3,355,833
DPHDPH Clinic Expansion Studies & DesignCP COPC is requesting capital funds to augment medical clinical space for CMHC, OPHC and MHHC in order to meet current and expected increased patient demand resulting from health care reform. This project would study the potential, at several Clinic sites, for expanded patient care capacity by an addition to the existing facility. Scope would include additional examination rooms, physician offices, nursing , and other support areas.Emerging$1,500,000 $2,436,974
DPHMaxine Hall 2nd Floor Patient Capacity EnhancementsThis project will complement a funded project , from MOD, to install an elevator to gain patient program access to the second floor of the facility. This project would reconfigure existing space on the 2nd floor to include additional examination and counseling rooms along with support staff space.Deferred$750,000 $1,258,437
DPHSFGH Building 80/90 Renovation & Seismic RetrofitThis project provides seismic upgrading, fire/life/safety improvements, abatement of hazardous materials. Building 80/90 was constructed in 1934 and is 105,991 square feet. It's structural system is steel frame and unreinforced masonry infill walls with concrete shear walls in the circulation tower. Planned$73,000,000 $73,000,000
DPHSoutheast Health Center Integration of Children, Youth & Families Services-New facilityProject consolidates (CYF)-Children, Youth & Families services adjacent to the existing Southeast Health Center in a new approximately 29,000 Square Foot Facility. Project merges and integrates behavioral services currently leasing space at a cost of $900,000 annually, into a City Facility. The Total Project cost is estimated to be $25 million.Planned$19,500,000 $25,000,000
SCIAnimal Care and Conservation FacilitySteinhart Aquarium’s living collection of animals has grown to over 38,000 specimens and nearly 900 species. Veterinarians provide medical and surgical treatment for sick or injured animals and oversee the quarantine program, which prevents disease introduction into the resident population. With the growth of our collection, and to maintain Association of Zoo and Aquarium accreditation (AZA), the Academy needs to expand spaces for live animal care and husbandry to better support the animals in Steinhart Aquarium. This project is underway.Request$1,000,000 $1,000,000
SHFSheriff's Department Alternate ProgramsExpand Women's Re-entry facility from 6000 sqft to 20500 sqft to accomodate alternate programs and staff offices.Emerging$11,400,000
LIBArchived Materials Access ManagementEnhancement of archived library material site and system to improve access and retrieval abilities. May include use of compact shelving. Improvements may be at Brooks Hall or located elsewhere depending on City's long-term plans for Brooks Hall.Emerging
LIBSFPL Space PlanOptimize space usage at the Main Library based on changing business needs.Emerging
MTASFMTA Rail System Improvement and Investment ProjectThe SFMTA’s light rail system is a complex combination of mixed traffic and subway operation that carries 138,000 passengers a day, second in the nation in daily boardings . Supporting 44 trains per hour in the peak period, its six routes traverse the City and then converge into a single tunnel, connecting passengers to residential neighborhoods, the downtown, the Financial District, and regional transit (see Attachment I for a map of the network). The light rail system faces complex challenges and needs, including:

• Improving operations. Similar to other transit agencies, the SFMTA needs to efficiently deliver services and effectively use resources to support cost controls.
• Increasing capacity. The level of demand on the current system is more than can be handled by the existing fleet and infrastructure; and significantly, by 2030, light rail service within San Francisco will need to expand by almost 50% to accommodate projected travel demands.
• Improving customer experience. Service needs to be more timely, safe, convenient and reliable.

MTASFMTA Real Estate Vision Implementation ProgramThe SFMTA Real Estate Vision report is intended to be used as a tool to guide the SFMTA in achieving efficient usage and a state of good repair for all of its facilities by identifying opportunities for improvement. The report also identifies potential revenue-generating streams. The goals of the report are:
- Provide maintenance and operations facility recommendations that are flexible and will allow the SFMTA to support its projected fleet and accommodate the growth projected in the Transit Fleet Plan.
- Recommend measures to improve operational efficiency, including reconfiguration of space, while minimizing disruptions to ongoing operations.
- Move forward to meet Agency goals for transit-oriented development (TOD) and joint development (JD).
- Identify funding sources, including ground leases for TOD/JD sites and improvements to its retail and telecommunication leases.
- Incorporate sustainability initiatives whenever possible to realize cost savings.
- Provide a framework for implementation.
MTASFMTA Traction Power StudyThe SFMTA Traction Power Study will evaluate the current capacity of the existing electrical load of the city transit system. Given plans for intensified land use development and needed service expansions, MTA will need to thoroughly study the impacts and needed changes since our transit systems is powered by close to 90% electrical sources. $700,000
GSAAnimal Care and Control Facility Renovation & Seismic RetrofitProvide Animal Care and Control with an improved operational facility by either expanding and renovating at the current location or relocating and re-building for a new or largely improved building. The improved or new facility will take into consideration adopted industry standards and best practices for animal care and control facilities in a large urban area with comparable holdings and workloads.Planned$28,000,000 $28,000,000
DPWCurb Ramp Inspection and ReplacementTitle II of the Americans with Disabilities Act requires local entities to develop a transition plan specifically for curb ramps. The City is committed to improving curb ramps and providing accessible paths of travel for people with disabilities. This project complements putting in new ramps, by ensuring sufficinet funds for maintaining previously installed ramps.Planned$7,500,000 $7,784,738
DTRadio Security Enhancement ProjectAs a result of continuous acts of vandalism, attempted break-ins, and several successful intrusions, DT is in the process of performing a full site inventory and security assessments. Improvements are being prioritized, but will include climbing deterrents, video camera modernization, fencing upgrades, and business resumption plans. Emerging$1,500,000
JUVJJC Athletic Field and Recreation Yard ImprovementsThis project would enhance the security, safety and other features of the large outdoor recreation yard in order to allow for its use. Specifically, the project would fund the installation of a 30 foot high by 300 foot long fence with screening and upgrades of drainage to preserve a new astroturf field and reduce erosion of the hillside.Deferred$811,114 $1,360,982
JUVWater and Wastewater Systems Replacement - Log Cabin RanchThe remoteness of the Log Cabin Ranch (LCR) facility requires on-site water and wastewater treatment operations in order to provide running water and sewage services to the entire facility. However, the systems that are currently serving the facilities are aging quickly, and with technology advancements, are obsolete. In late 2011, JPD had a site visit from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), the regulatory agency overseeing water operations at LCR. CDPH indicated that the system was archaic and, as a result, introduces into the system many elements of risk to residents and staff, and suggested replacement in the future. Employees of the SFPUC have also conducted site visits and have come to the same conclusions about both the water and wastewater systems, along with the thought that the systems are over-engineered for the current demand on the system. JPD is looking to 1) formally review and develop an approach for replacing portions or all of the system and 2) funding to replace the system.Emerging
HSASpace ReconfigurationHSA is currently undertaking a study to look at its existing and future uses and staffing levels for the purposes of maximizing efficiency of space use, streamlining and consolidating operations, preparing for projected increase in clients due to the federal Healthcare Accountability Act, and coordinate its facility layout with its changing business practicesEmerging
FIRSFFD Neighborhood Stations and Critical Facilities ImprovementsThis program addresses repairs and improvements to critical firefighting facilities and infrastructure driven by a comprehensive San Francisco Fire Department (SFFD) Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). The CIP will guide the seismic strengthening and rehabilitation of critical firefighting facilities. In addition to seismic retrofitting of Department facilities, there are facilities in need of comprehensive remodeling to address issues and ensure they remain functional and operational for the Department going forward. There are many focused-scope projects that affect a wide number of fire stations that must be addressed.

There are also two critical facilities to be addressed. The Bureau of Equipment must be relocated to to a safer and more operationally efficient facility. The Department also must procure a larger location and facility to house the EMS ambulance division in light of current needs and requirements of the Department set forth by the State of California.
Planned$208,235,460 $208,235,460
DPWStreet Tree Maintenance_BaselineDue to planned relinquishment, there are approximately 28,000 DPW maintained street trees that are currently mature and in need of maintenance care. DPW anticipates relinquishing maintenance responsibility to property owners at the rate of 3,400 trees per year for 5 years. DPW would stop further relinquishment and maintain 11,700 trees annually for the last 5 years of the plan.Planned$22,715,854 $21,559,647
DPWStreet Tree EstablishmentIncludes replacement cost for an average of 375 trees in need of replacement annually.Planned$16,037,665 $15,855,021
ARTADA Transition Plan Improvements - Arts CommissionADA Transition Plan project for disabled access in multiple SF Arts Commission facilities.Planned$1,612,000 $1,612,000
HSAADA Transition Plan Improvements - Human ServicesAccess improvements at 165 Fell, 225 Valencia, 745 Franklin, 1428 Bush, 3801 Third streets and 160 South Van Ness Ave.Planned$200,000 $200,000
JUVADA Transition Plan Improvements - Juvenile ProbationDisabled access improvements to specific sites and facilities as cited for ADA complaints and barrier removals not covered by Recreation Bonds or facility funding. Specific types of corrections include toilet and shower alterations, walkway and pathway paving, ramp and stair handrailsPlanned$3,400,000 $3,400,000
DPHADA Transition Plan Improvements - Public HealthADA Transition Plan project for disabled access in multiple Department of Public Health facilities that provide services to the general public.Planned$750,000 $4,685,005
RECADA Transition Plan Improvements - Recreation & ParksDisabled access improvements to specific sites and facilities as cited for ADA complaints and barrier removals not covered by Recreation Bonds or facility funding. Specific types of corrections include toilet and shower alterations, walkway and pathway paving, ramp and stair handrailsPlanned$5,000,000 $5,000,000
GSACity Hall Emergency Power CapabilitiesInstall a generator tap box and associated electronic equipment to allow a mobile generator service truck to be installed in an emergency. This would allow sections of the third and fourth floors of City Hall to have emergency power, for the operations of department operations centers for Logistics and Finance and Administration Sections of the City Emergency Response Plans.Planned$960,000
ARTArts Commission Space BuildoutThe Arts Commission offices will be moving into 401 Van Ness, consolidating all our functions, including the gallery, civic collection, and administrative offices into that building. This will require build out and relocation support.Planned$750,000 $500,000
POLSFPD Investigations Unit Relocation from HOJConstruction of office space to house SFPD Investigations unit currently located at the Hall of Justice.Deferred$79,264,964 $133,000,000
GSAHOJ West Wing Demolition and East Wing EnclosureDeferred$22,703,892 $38,095,238
DPWTSIP - Pedestrian and Bike Safety Improvements (Major Streetscapes)Major streetscape projects to improve pedestrian, bicycle, and transit conditions.Planned$68,000,000 $68,000,000