Voters Approve Road Repaving and Street Safety Bond

It’s smooth paving ahead! Sixty-eight percent of voters in Tuesday’s election approved the Road Repaving and Street Safety Bond (Measure B).  This means that San Francisco’s street and roadway network will be getting some much needed TLC over the next several years. While the bulk of bond proceeds will be used to repave or reconstruct deteriorating streets, funds will also go towards implementing city wide pedestrian & bicycle safety improvements, increasing sidewalk accessibility, upgrading traffic signal infrastructure and strengthening bridges, overpasses and stairways.  In short, all street users — regardless of their preferred mode of transportation — will be getting something.

In addition to making our city’s street network stronger, safer and more resilient, the passage of this bond assures future savings by making repairs before they become more costly.  When it comes to streets, repairs can only be deferred for so long before their cost becomes significantly higher (not to mention the increase in safety issues that arise).  Because many of our streets are approaching the point where repair costs jump dramatically, using bond proceeds to address deteriorating street conditions now allows the city to avoid paying up to five times the cost in the future.

An added bonus is that the Road Repaving and Street Safety bond adheres to the City’s 10-year Capital Plan policy of only issuing new bonds as old ones are paid off.  That means the City will be delivering these improvements without raising the tax rate.

You can visit the Department of Public Works website to learn to more about the Bond. You can also learn more about street conditions and financing on our website.