Revive San Francisco’s Public Housing

Revive Public Housing

The HOPE SF Initiative seeks to transform four of San Francisco’s most distressed public housing sites into vibrant, thriving communities through holistic revitalization. In 2006, the City convened a task force, representing diverse perspectives, to develop a set of principles that would become the HOPE SF Initiative. This initiative has eight guiding visions, helping ensure a positive outcome for all residents:

  • Ensure No Loss of Public Housing
  • Create an Economically Integrated Community
  • Maximize the Creation of New Affordable Housing
  • Involve Residents in the Highest Levels of Participation in the Entire Project
  • Provide Economic Opportunities through the Rebuilding Process
  • Integrate Process with Neighborhood Improvement
  • Produce Community Focused Revitalization Plans
  • Create Environmentally Sustainable and Accessible Communities
  • Build a Strong Sense of Community

More information on housing efforts and policy in San Francisco is available here.