The Office of Resilience and Capital Planning's considers capital and resilience needs from a citywide perspective and aims to foster a constructive dialogue about those needs amongst City and non-City stakeholders.

In addition to ORCP's responsibilities creating and updating the Capital Plan, the Capital Budget, and Resilient SF, we also create or contribute to other documents and reports that address topics such as capital projects, resilience, long-term debt, etc. Below are a list of these reports for public reference.

Emergency Firefighting Water System Financing Study 
Climate-Resilient Economic Recovery 
Firefighting Water System ESER 2014 spending plan report and summary
San Francisco Infrastructure Level of Service Analysis
2030 Transportation Task Force Final Report
Analysis of CCSF’s Role and Future Funding Commitments to Caltrain
Eastern Neighborhoods Infrastructure Finance Working Group Final Report
2014 Lifelines Council Interdependency Study
Seawall Finance Work Group Report

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