Pay-As-You-Go Program

The Plan proposes funding the majority of the City’s ongoing annual needs with General Fund dollars and SB1 funds through the Pay-As-You-Go (Pay-Go) Program. These are typically smaller investments to maintain facilities and infrastructure in a state of good repair or fund critical infrastructure needs. Within the Pay-Go Program, projects are categorized as Routine Maintenance, ADA Facilities, ADA Public Right-of-Way, Street Resurfacing, Critical Enhancements, Facility Renewal, and Right-of-Way Infrastructure Renewal.

Table 1.3 provides a summary of the Plan’s planned funding for the Pay-Go Program by expenditure category.

Table 1.3

General Fund Pay-Go Program Funding
(Dollars in Millions)
FY20-24 FY25-29 Plan Total
Routine Maintenance 74 95 169
ADA: Facilities 5 5 10
ADA: Public Right-of-Way 44 56 99
Street Resurfacing 351 450 801
Enhancements 50 50 100
Recreation and Parks Base Commitment 75 75 150
Capital Contribution to Street Tree Set-aside 28 36 64
ROW Infrastructure Renewal 45 81 126
Facility Renewal 232 421 653

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