Deferred Projects

Project Name 


PW – Better Market Street

This project will redesign Market Street as a more pedestrian, bicycle, and transit-oriented street. A comprehensive renovation is undergoing environmental review and requires inter-agency coordination for work that could include repaving of the roadway, sidewalk and crosswalk reconstruction, curb ramps, new street trees and landscape elements, replacement of MUNI overhead wires and upgrades to the traffic signal infrastructure, street lighting upgrades, sewer repair and/or replacement, water main work, and replacement of Emergency Firefighting Water System facilities and infrastructure. The project will extend from Steuart Street in the Financial District through Octavia Boulevard.

The project has an expected remaining cost of $506.4 million of which $75.7 million will be funded by the 2014 Transportation G.O. Bond and $53.4 million from federal and other local sources.

PW – Streetscape
Improvement Program

The Streetscape Program enhances neighborhood streets, alleys, and plazas across the City through best practices in design that bring safety, economic, and beautification improvements. Typical improvements include street tree planting, site furnishings, lighting upgrades, and pedestrian and bicycle safety features such as pedestrian islands, bike lanes, crosswalk enhancements, and other traffic calming measures.

The 10-year estimated cost for the Streetscape Improvement Program is $487.2 million.

PW – Utility Undergrounding

Overhead utility wires and related infrastructures are potential public safety hazards and a visual blemish on San Francisco’s vistas. This project would involve relocating overhead utility wires underground. Undergrounding utilities reduce the frequency of needed maintenance but require a substantial up-front investment.

Generally, undergrounding costs roughly $8 million per mile. The estimated cost to underground utilities across the City over the next 10 years is over $1.2 billion.

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