Deferred Projects

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REC – Recreation & Parks Roads

REC has no dedicated funding capacity to maintain roadways and tries to collaborate with other departments to identify funding opportunities that can go towards this need. For example, REC worked with the SFMTA on the Mansell Corridor within McLaren Park.

The estimated roadways backlog is approximately $19 million.

ARTS – Cultural Centers Facility Master Plan

Several building deficiencies and possible seismic issues remain to be addressed at the City’s Cultural Centers. The severity of these facility needs, the cost of renovating the existing sites, and the possibility of relocating to other sites requires additional review and analysis. The Arts Commission partnered with Public Works to begin a facility condition assessment at SoMArts. Additional funding is needed to complete condition assessments on the African-American Art & Culture Complex, Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, and Bayview Opera House.

This assessment is estimated to cost $425,000, and may be funded via the Prop E set-aside.

REC – Coastal Trail Project CCSF – Districtwide Projects

CCSF has identified several projects that have been deferred due to lack of funding: the renovation and seismic upgrade of Cloud Hall at Ocean Campus, renovation of the Science Building and the Performing Arts Education Center at Ocean Campus, construction of a Performing Arts Education Center, modernization of the Downtown Center and the Evans Center, and an addition to the John Adams Center.

The total budget for CCSF’s deferred projects is $450 million. The College will continue to pursue State funding for deferred projects.

SFUSD – Deferrals

The unfavorable bidding climate has resulted in the deferral of 10 school site renovation projects originally slated for completion prior to the next SFUSD G. O. Bond in 2022.


McLaren Lodge
McLaren Lodge

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