01. Executive Summary

The Fiscal Year FY2020-29 City and County of San Francisco Capital Plan (the Plan) is the City’s commitment to building a more resilient and vibrant future for the residents, workers, and visitors of San Francisco. Updated every odd-numbered year, the Plan is a fiscally constrained expenditure plan that lays out anticipated infrastructure investments over the next decade. This document is the product of input from Citywide stakeholders, who have put forth their best ideas and most realistic estimates of San Francisco’s future needs.

Projects in the Plan are divided into seven Service Areas: Economic and Neighborhood Development; General Government; Health and Human Services; Infrastructure and Streets; Public Safety; Recreation, Culture, and Education; and Transportation. Each Service Area chapter describes the associated Renewal Program, Enhancement Projects, Deferred Projects, and Emerging Needs. General Fund, Enterprise, and external agencies are all represented to give as full a picture of San Francisco’s capital needs as possible.

A growing Bay Area economy has given rise to historic levels of capital investment in recent years. Spurred by a growing tax base, increases in General Fund revenues and debt issuance capacity have allowed San Francisco to fund a record level of capital projects over the last 10 years. As a result, San Francisco is now better positioned to build a healthy infrastructure program and meet the challenges ahead.

Delores Park

Planned Project Highlights 

San Francisco has many competing needs, and the capital program is no exception. Major projects with funding identified in this Plan include: 

General Fund Departments

  • New homelessness services and health center
  • Closure and demolition of the unsafe Hall of Justice
  • Park system renovations, including Portsmouth Square
  • Neighborhood Fire Stations program
  • District Police Stations program
  • Replacement fire training facility
  • Department of Emergency Management 911 floor expansion
  • ADA facilities and right-of-way barrier removal
  • Zuckerberg San Francisco General and Laguna Honda Hospital campus improvements

Enterprise Departments

  • Fortification of the Seawall
  • Pier 70 and Seawall Lot 337
  • SFMTA facilities
  • Muni Forward
  • Vision Zero Pedestrian Safety Program
  • Van Ness and Geary Bus Rapid Transit
  • Water, Sewer, and Power Enterprise improvements
  • SFO Terminal 1 and 3 improvements

External Agencies

  • Affordable housing developments 
  • Treasure Island redevelopment 
  • City College seismic and code upgrades 
  • Modernization of SFUSD sites

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