Emerging Projects

Project Name 


PW – Bayview Transportation Improvements

This project will rehabilitate and reconfigure the right-of-way in the in the Bayview and Hunters Point Shipyard development areas to increase roadway capacities and increase safety and accessibility. It will reduce truck traffic on Third Street and residential streets and develop a more direct truck route between US 101 and existing and planned development in the Bayview and Hunters Point Shipyard.

PW – Harvey Milk Plaza

This project would regrade, repave, and re-landscape the current Harvey Milk Plaza in coordination with the MTA Castro Station elevator project. Some General Fund support for this project is anticipated alongside grants pursuits.

PW – Market Street Plaza Enhancements This project would bring major improvements to UN, Hallidie, and Mechanics Plazas along Market Street, making them more inviting and active spaces. Based on the conceptual designs, improvements could include decking over the sunken plaza at Hallidie, creating a space for civic events at the UN Plaza, regrading to address accessibility issues at the Mechanics Plaza, and increasing seating at all three locations.

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