Develop a Disaster Recovery Framework

Recovery Framework

San Francisco is considering approaches for the development of a Disaster Recovery Framework to guide pre- and post-event recovery activities. Developing and maintaining a Disaster Recovery Framework is important to help ensure that San Francisco can launch an effective recovery as soon as possible following a major disaster, which will help expedite restoration of services, encourage residents and businesses to stay, and establish confidence in local decision-making. Since disasters often produce the need to rebuild in affected areas, building agreement on the goals of recovery in advance will help ensure that rebuilding can happen efficiently, sustainably, and equitably in line with community values. The Framework will outline the organizational structure, administration, and coordination steps following a disaster event. The Framework will include descriptions of the roles and responsibilities of City departments, authorizing bodies, state and federal agencies, as well as community stakeholders in supporting recovery. Sections on Recovery Support Functions (RSFs) define the core recovery goals and actions of City agencies and supporting organizations on topics such as economic recovery, health and social services, housing, and infrastructure systems.

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