Continue to Implement the 10-Year Capital Planning Process

Capital Plan

San Francisco is committed to continually improving its infrastructure, knowing that it is essential to both the pressures of a growing city and the disruptions of emergencies large and small. The $35 billion FY 2018-2027 Capital Plan continues San Francisco’s commitment to protecting its regional and Citywide infrastructural assets. In 2006, after decades of underfunding infrastructure, the City created its first Citywide, comprehensive, 10-year Capital Plan, and the Capital Plan is now updated biennially. Since the first Plan’s publication the City has since received $3.5 billion in voter-approved bonds for earthquake safety and emergency response facilities; transportation, road, and street structure enhancements; park and open space improvements; and additional low and moderate-income housing.

San Francisco’s 10-Year Capital Plan is available in full-text here.

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