Establish a Post-Disaster Interim Housing Strategy


The best outcome for residents after a disaster is to remain in or as close to their homes as possible. Residential units will likely be damaged, so this may take the form of mobile housing units on the site of the homes or living in a relatively safe, though damaged, unit. If remaining in one’s home or on the site of one’s homes is not possible, the next best option is live temporarily in a new location within the neighborhood. This minimizes disruption to the residents’ lives as their home is repaired. 

To help residents stay in San Francisco after a major disaster, the City will create a strategy to address the range of housing needs post-disaster. Special attention will be paid to the multifamily structures that house approximately 70 percent of San Franciscans. This strategy will most likely be developed through the Housing Recovery Support Function of the Disaster Recovery Framework, in coordination with Emergency Support Function #6 – Mass Care, Housing, and Human Services Annex. If it is not possible for residents to remain in their homes or their neighborhoods, the strategy would strive to keep them in the city at shelter and housing sites.

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