ClimateSF is a comprehensive, multi-agency effort to guide San Francisco’s climate resilience effort, led by the Mayor’s Office and the Office of Resilience and Capital Planning, Planning Department (Planning), Department of the Environment, Port, and Public Utilities Commission. In addition to the core agencies leading ClimateSF, it brings together partner agencies, including the Municipal Transportation Authority (Muni), Department of Public Health, and Public Works who provide services that could be critically impacted by climate change. ClimateSF seeks to provide good governance through the coordination of the Hazards and Climate Resilience Plan, the Waterfront Resilience Program, the Climate Action Plan, Planning’s resilience and sustainability work, the Ocean Beach Climate Adaptation Project, and Muni’s sustainability efforts. ClimateSF champions a unified City vision on climate resilience and streamlines City responses, to promote an equitable, safe, and healthy city for generations to come.

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Hazards and Climate Resilience Plan

The Hazards and Climate Resilience Plan captures and makes available our latest understanding of how hazards are intensifying due to the climate crisis and what we can expect in the years to come. It presents a detailed strategy for how San Francisco will become a safer and more resilient place by mitigating the impacts of seismic and climate hazards to our communities, buildings, and infrastructure, and adapting to what we cannot mitigate.


HCR Plan Vision
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Port Waterfront Resilience Program

The Port developed a Waterfront Resilience Framework to address immediate hazards including seismic and flooding, as well as longer term hazards like sea level rise. This adaptive planning framework allows the Port to act now to address risks to life safety and emergency response, while planning for mid- and long-term risks. It also allows the Port to be responsive to community priorities, changes in science, and funding and partnership opportunities.

Resources: Resilience LibrarySeismic and Flood Risk 101, and Waterfront Resilience for Families

Department of the Environment: Climate Action Plan Overview

Climate change presents a serious threat to all San Franciscans, especially the most vulnerable. The 2021 San Francisco Climate Action Plan charts a pathway to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040 and works toward addressing racial and social equity, public health, economic recovery, and providing safe and affordable housing to all.

San Francisco Planning's Resilience and Sustainability Work

Our communities, buildings, infrastructure, and natural ecosystems are increasingly impacted by the worldwide climate crises. Today’s planning, policy, and project decisions, as well as collective citizen action, are important tools for enhancing sustainable and healthy neighborhoods for everyone in the near term, and safeguarding a high-quality and climate-safe future for San Francisco. Coordinated actions are critical to mitigate risks and adapt to the unavoidable climate impacts of climate change.

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission: Ocean Beach Climate Adaptation

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is leading the Ocean Beach Climate Adaptation Project as well as providing clean, affordable, and reliable electricity for thousands of San Francisco residents and businesses. The Ocean Beach Climate Adaptation Project includes concepts developed through the Ocean Beach Master Plan to address climate induced sea level rise and elements such as managed retreat, structural protection of critical wastewater infrastructure, access and recreation improvements, and beach nourishment through the placement of sand.

Resources: Ocean Beach Portal and Beach Nourishment

San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority - Sustainability

It is the vision of the Sustainability and Climate Action Program at the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority (SFMTA) to ensure that the work of the agency helps to improve the quality of life and the environment in San Francisco and the region. The SFMTA is already blazing the trail in the reduction of transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions. In conjunction with our city partners, we are committed to continuing to implement critical programs that will enable the city to reach its environmental goals and further reduce emissions, resource consumption and identify greener choices for private vehicles.

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