Integrate Hazard Mitigation and Climate Adaptation

2 people at a cliff assessing the hazard

The Hazards and Climate Resilience Plan is a multi-department effort that also serves as the 2019 Hazard Mitigation Plan update and California SB 379 compliant Safety Element update. This plan will include a robust assessment of how climate change is impacting the extent, frequency, and intensity of hazard events like floods and droughts while also continuing a robust assessment of non-climate hazards, such as earthquakes. It will assess the vulnerability of San Francisco’s populations, resources, and infrastructure to these hazards and provide a set of resilience goals, objectives, and strategies. Integrating climate adaptation with traditional hazard mitigation planning, the plan will prioritize approaches that address multiple hazards and leverage co-benefits. This will also fulfill San Francisco’s commitment to the global C40 Deadline 2020 initiative to demonstrate adaptation to climate hazards.

San Francisco’s most recently approved Hazard Mitigation Plan is available in full-text here.

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