About the CPC Committee

The Capital Planning Committee (CPC) makes recommendations to the Mayor and Board of Supervisors on the City’s capital expenditures and plans. The CPC reviews and submits the Capital Plan, Capital Budget, and issuances of long-term debt for approval.

The CPC is chaired by the City Administrator and includes the President of the Board of Supervisors, the Mayor’s Budget Director, the Controller, the City Planning Director, the Director of Public Works, the Airport Director, the Executive Director of the Municipal Transportation Agency, the General Manager of the Public Utilities System, the General Manager of the Recreation and Parks Department, and the Executive Director of the Port of San Francisco.

  • Carmen Chu
    Carmen Chu
    City Administrator
  • Ivar Satero
    Ivar Satero
    Director, San Francisco International Airport
  • Supervisor Walton
    Shamann Walton
    President, Board of Supervisors
  • Ben Rosenfield
    Ben Rosenfield
    City Controller
  • Alaric Degrafinried
    Alaric Degrafinried
    Acting Director, Department of Public Works
  • Kelly Kirkpatrick
    Kelly Kirkpatrick
    Budget Director, Mayor's Office of Public Policy & Finance
  • Jeffrey Tumlin
    Jeffrey Tumlin
    Director, Municipal Transportation Agency
  • Rich Hillis
    Rich Hillis
    Director, Planning Department
  • Elaine Forbes
    Elaine Forbes
    Director, Port of San Francisco
  • Acting General Manager, Public Utilities Commission
    Michael Carlin
    Acting General Manager, Public Utilities Commission
  • Phil Ginsburg
    Phil Ginsburg
    General Manager, Recreation and Parks Department

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Capital Planning Committee

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