Strategy Dashboard

This dashboard provides an interactive way to search and learn more about the more than 90 strategies that make up the City’s Hazards and Climate Resilience Plan. See here for the full report.

Hovering over graphics will display additional information and the dashboard features multiple selection functions using CTRL + Left Click.

Hazard Type and Domain

The strategies in the Hazards and Climate Resilience Plan are grouped into three domains: infrastructure, buildings, and community. They address 13 different natural hazards in San Francisco.

Governmental Activity and Status

The City and County of San Francisco plays a variety of roles with respect to how it increases resilience to hazards. In addition, some strategies are new, others are on-going, and others are existing efforts that are being scaled up.

Department Leads and Partners

Each strategy has a department lead that is responsible for implementation and reporting. Strategies also have one or more partner organizations involved in implementation.

Annual Progress Report (2021)

Description: As the strategies move to the implementation phase, insights from the annual strategy progress report are shown below. This details measures of progress and uptake for strategies within their departments.

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