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DPH – Remaining Facilities Improvements

Outstanding Department of Public Health needs include seismically-deficient Buildings 1, 10, 20, 30, 40, and 100 at ZSFG; renovating remaining unoccupied buildings at LHH; addressing long outstanding needs at neighborhood clinics not covered by currently planned funding sources (including building automation systems, exam room reconfiguration, renewal of interiors, renovation of nursing stations, and exterior work); and needs related to the Population Health Division City Clinic.

DPH – LHH Loading Dock Seismic Upgrade

While the larger Loading Dock project is underway, a seismic study identified a seismic weakness inherent in the linear ward layout. A preliminary design solution is to bisect the long plan layout into two shorter areas with introduction of an expansion joint. The total project scope and cost are in the process of being defined.

DPH – LHH New Hospital E-Power

This project will add emergency power to LHH, which was built to minimum code requirements. The current emergency electrical power is not sufficient for the needs of the hospital, a facility with an elderly, non-ambulatory, and immuno-compromised patient population.

DPH – LHH Air Conditioning for Gerald Simon Theater and Moran Hall In 2017, San Francisco experienced a heat wave incident that left elderly, immunocompromised patients at LHH at risk. This project would provide air conditioning at Gerald Simon Theatre and Moran Hall, the two largest gathering spaces, which could then be used as cooling stations in the next heat wave, as recommended by DPH’s Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Committee.

DPH – ZSFG Energy Efficient Lighting

This project would replace existing CFL and incandescent lighting with LED fixtures, which are more efficient, produce less heat ouput, have a longer lifespan, and require less labor for maintenance.
DPH – ZSFG Campus Security Improvements This project would add security enhancements on the ZSFG campus, including loading dock security at Building 5, campus perimeter fence repairs, door alarm hardware replacement, access control replacement, campus security duress button installations, and an ambulance bay security gate. These projects would be phased over multiple years.
DPH – DPH Clinics Security Improvements Security improvements are required at several neighborhood clinics, including security cameras, IT improvements, and monitoring capabilities. The total project scope and cost have not yet been defined.
HSA – 170 Otis Street Built in 1978, 170 Otis Street houses HSA executive offices and program administration. In July 2018, DPW completed a seismic evaluation of the building. A permanent relocation of all staff – including major programs such as Family and Children’s Services and CalWORKs, as well as HSA’s Facilities/Operations Program and its Executive Offices – from 170 Otis Street are currently being explored. Given the number of staff in the building and the vulnerability of populations served there, this effort is a high priority.
HSH – Navigation Center for Seniors The Navigation Center model is based on creating spaces for engaging people experiencing street homelessness outside of the traditional shelter model, and has proven to be more effective than traditional shelters at engaging those clients who have survived for a long time on the streets. HSH is exploring the viability of a Navigation Center focused on seniors experiencing homelessness as an emerging need in its shelter portfolio.
HSH – New Emergency Shelter HSH currently operates two emergency shelters, which need to be relocated to sites with longer and more reliable lease terms. Both shelters – one for homeless families that accommodates up to 25-30 families (60 people) located on the ground floor of a church in the Western Addition, and a 110-bed facility for adults experiencing homelessness in ancillary church space in the Bayview – consistently operate at full or near capacity. HSH’s plan is to develop a new 20,000+ square foot facility that can accommodate both families and adults in distinct and separate areas to fulfill program requirements while economizing on development and operating costs. HSH is conducting a site search and feasibility assessments with assistance from the Real Estate Division and Public Works in order to secure a site by early 2019. While planning and scoping of this project has been funded, additional funding will be required to complete this project.
HSH – Shelter and Access for Everyone (SAFE) Centers Mayor Breed announced in October 2018 that San Francisco would open 1,000 new shelter beds for homeless residents by 2020. This expansion will meet the identified gap in the City’s temporary shelter system portfolio. To meet this goal, HSH plans to open three new SAFE Centers to meet the need for emergency shelter for people living on the streets. SAFE Centers will be 200 to 250-bed facilities that incorporate features from the Navigation Center model, allowing residents to bring their partners and possessions and provide case management services and connection to permanent housing. HSH is working with Public Works and the Department of Real Estate to identify viable sites and begin project scoping for the eventual capital improvements required.
Multiple Departments – 
Continuum of Care Affordable 
Senior Housing Site
The City is beginning to develop plans for a Continuum of Care affordable senior housing site that would feature characteristics of a Continuing Care Retirement Community. This facility would offer a continuum of care model ranging from independent living units to assisted living units. It would be made affordable and available to different income levels and include space for a residential care facility for the elderly with at least 30 beds, as well as an adult day care facility and a child care center to serve the greater community and promote intergenerational engagement. This project would realize the assisted living component of the voter-approved Proposition A from 1999, potentially located on the public land next to Laguna Honda Hospital.

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