Renewal Program

The overall renewal needs for the City’s Health and Human Services facilities total $325 million over the next 10 years. Given funding constraints, the Plan allocates $181 million from the General Fund to meet these needs, as shown in Chart 8.1.

Chart 8.1
Chart 8.1

There are many outstanding needs for aging Public Health facilities, both at the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Laguna Honda Hospital campuses. Of note are two large water tanks at Laguna Honda due for replacement, estimated to cost $4.9 million; and the freight elevator at ZSFG, estimated to cost $2.2 million.

Not shown in the Renewals curve are the repair needs at San Francisco’s publicly owned homeless shelters. The City’s shelters are eligible for funding from the 2016 Public Health & Safety G.O. Bond, and the debt for this purpose has already been issued. HSH has worked with San Francisco Public Works to identify and prioritize renewal needs at the shelters using the available bond funds in addition to space improvements for operational enhancements as discussed in the Planned Enhancements section.

Also not shown in the Renewals curve are the physical needs of the post-conversion SFHA portfolio. The most recent needs assessment of the SFHA portfolio was conducted in 2009 and determined needs of $269 million, including sites already converted and those slated for conversion. The needs of the post-conversion portfolio are likely to exceed the $3 million annual pot expected to be available through HUD. Funding for maintenance, including annual federal operating subsidies, have been and are expected to continue to be inadequate, making deterioration of these units a continual challenge.


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