Renewal Program

The overall renewal needs for the City’s Public Safety facilities total $313 million over the next 10 years. Given funding constraints, the Plan allocates $110 million from the General Fund to meet these needs, as shown in Chart 10.1. All of the public safety departments have security-related projects that can be addressed at least in part by the General Fund.

Chart 10.1
Chart 10.1

Some funding from the ESER G.O. Bond Program will be invested in Fire and Police Department renewals through the Neighborhood Fire Station and District Police Station programs. Other departments' needs will be addressed with General Fund.

The Sheriff’s Department has particularly challenging renewal needs at present. The County jail facility at 425 7th Street (County Jails #1 and #2) was built in 1994 as a work furlough facility, and many of its sub-systems need attention. The roof is leaking in multiple areas, and the roof-mounted air handlers need replacements; this work alone is estimated to cost $20 million. The flooring, ceilings, fire alarm system, and lighting need to be replaced for better hygiene and code compliance. The laundry is not functional. County Jail #5 also has substantial renewal needs for its roads, fences, grounds, and security systems especially. There are enormous renewal needs at the Hall of Justice as well, but because that building is slated for retirement and demolition, its renewal needs have been deprioritized. Some repairs, such as water intrusion and waste management system issues, cannot be ignored completely for health and safety reasons. Without a debt source identified to solve these problems, General Fund and/or grants will be needed.

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