05. Capital Sources

Other Sources

The City has several sources of funding for capital projects that are derived from specific sources and designated for specific purposes. For example, the Marina Yacht Harbor Fund receives revenues generated by users of the Yacht Harbor and applies them to projects such as sediment remediation and security and lighting systems. The Open Space Fund sets aside funds from annual property tax revenues, outside private sources, and Recreation and Parks Department revenues, and applies those funds to open space expenditures. In the first year of the Capital Plan, these funds are expected to provide nearly $43 million, as shown in Table 5.6. These figures are pulled from Year 2 of the most recently completed budget cycle.

In addition, the City may also sell Transferable Development Rights (TDRs) for historic preservation and capital improvement projects at certain facilities. TDRs are unused development rights from historical and architecturally significant buildings, such as City Hall, which can be transferred, through sale, to a developer in order to increase that developer’s allowable gross floor area on their property.

Table 5.6

Other Capital Funds and FY2022 Funding Amount
(Dollars in Millions) 
Fund Name  
Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Fund 24.5
Special Gas Tax Street Improvement Fund 5.4
Road Fund 2.9
Other Special Revenue Fund 2.9
Marina Yacht Harbor Fund 2.2
Open Space Fund 2.2
Library Fund 2
Golf Fund 0.4
SF General Hospital 2.5
Other Special Revenue Fund 2.1
Road Fund 1.7
Golf Fund 0.4

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