09. Health and Human Services

Deferred Projects

Project Name Description
DPH – ZSFG Building 80/90
Renovation & Seismic Retrofit
Constructed in 1934, Building 80/90 is a seismically deficient red brick building at the ZSFG campus that houses the urgent care clinic and several other clinics. These clinics will move to Building 5 to make room for a major seismic renovation of this structure.
The total project cost is estimated to be $200 million.
DPH – ZSFG Building 5 IT IDF Migration This project will migrate IT systems from old non-compliant closets into new Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF) closets in Building 5. These systems include emergency and normal power needs and building mechanical infrastructure to provide cooling and ventilation. This infrastructure will support all technology and equipment that has a network/data component, security systems and patient/staff safety, telephone systems, and medical and lab equipment. 
The migration will be a multi-year effort, and is expected to cost $1 million per year.
DPH – ZSFG New Electrical Feed There is currently an ongoing project to replace chillers and cooling towers serving ambulatory care buildings on the ZSFG campus. While that project includes power distribution from the main electrical switchgear to the new electrical chillers, it requires power in excess of what is currently available from the PG&E substation. The hospital will need a new substation feed to the campus in order to provide enough power.
The estimated project cost is $2.75 million.
DPH – LHH Emergency Power This project will add emergency power to LHH, which was built to minimum code requirements. The current emergency electrical power is not sufficient for the needs of the hospital, a facility with an elderly, non-ambulatory, and immune-compromised patient population.
The estimated project cost is $5 million.
DPH – LHH Cooling Center During Fall of 2017 a heat wave maxed out the hospital’s air conditioning system, creating a health hazard for patients with compromised health. This project would provide air conditioning to a large gathering space that would allow moving all patients to a cool space where they could be monitored.
The estimated project cost is $1 million.
DPH – LHH C-Wing Renovation Renovation of the third floor of the C-wing would allow for the consolidation of an on-site ambient training environment that provides mandatory trainings and workforce development trainings. Construction documents for this project have been completed.
The estimated project cost is $1.5 million.

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