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PW – Bayview Transportation Improvements

This project will rehabilitate and reconfigure the right-of-way in the in the Bayview and Hunters Point Shipyard development areas to increase roadway capacities and increase safety and accessibility. It will reduce truck traffic on Third Street and residential streets and develop a more direct truck route between US 101 and existing and planned development in the Bayview and Hunters Point Shipyard.

PW – Harvey Milk Plaza

This project would regrade, repave, and re-landscape the current Harvey Milk Plaza in coordination with the SFMTA Castro Station elevator project. Private fundraising and grants are expected to provide the majority of funding for this project.

SFPUC - Strategic Distribution Investment

A key priority in Power’s Business Plan is build out of SFPUC-owned distribution systems in order to reduce costs and ensure customer stability. SFPUC’s first such effort was the Bay Corridor Transmission and Distribution (BCTD) project which will be complete in 2022. However, significantly more investment is needed to meet anticipated demand over the next 10 – 15 years. In fact, Hetchy Power load growth is anticipated to more than double over this period. City departments are projecting substantial growth (over 200 MW) from fleet electrification (SFMTA and Port), redevelopment projects (OCII and Port), and EV charging which will serve municipal, housing, and commercial loads. SFPUC has initiated a process to plan for strategic investments to meet this demand. Over the next year, Power will complete the analysis to refine and vet these investment opportunities. 


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