08. General Government

Emerging Projects

Project Name Description
DT – Public Safety Division Corporation Yard DT has a need for additional space to park large vehicles, including for bucket trucks, large utility vans and pick-up trucks at the Public Safety Division Corporation Yard. Additional space needs include storage of pipes, conduit, and cabling; and space for newly acquired satellite WiFi trailers.
Multiple Departments – Solar + Energy Storage San Francisco faces the challenge of being unable to use its energy resources if and when the utility grid goes down. In response to this risk, the San Francisco Department of the Environment completed a multi-year solar energy storage feasibility analysis. This project identified potential municipal sites currently designated to serve the community in time of emergency, identified critical electrical loads at the sites, and sized would-be solar energy storage systems accordingly to advance the City’s energy and emergency preparedness goals in the event of the next large-scale grid outage. A financial analysis was completed to understand the cost of deploying these systems. Any solution for San Francisco will need to demonstrate earthquake resilience given the city’s seismic vulnerabilities.
PW – Operation Yard This project would redevelop and reorganize the Public Works Operations and Maintenance main yard at 2323 Cesar Chavez. The proposal includes building new offices and trade shops, as well as a new multi-story parking garage for the Operations and Maintenance fleet. It would also provide community space for Workforce Development and neighborhood public meetings.
There is a $32 million project slated for FY2031 Certificates of Participation that could be applied towards this project, depending on future City priorities.
RED – Civic Center Steam Loop Replacement The Steam Loop is a steam distribution system that provides steam to City Hall and other buildings in the Civic Center. It is over 80 years old, in poor condition, and at risk of catastrophic failure that could cause loss of steam to buildings, damage to nearby telecommunication networks, and pose a risk to the public. A replacement system needs to be designed and constructed.
RED – Strategic Building Electrification To meet San Francisco’s commitment to 100% greenhouse gas emissions reduction, it will ultimately be necessary for all natural gas-based thermal systems to be replaced with efficient electric-powered systems. To achieve this transition in an orderly and cost-effective way, an inventory and opportunities assessment should be conducted. Pilot projects for small-scale water heater replacements as part of planned renewals are recommended, as are electric replacements of upcoming HVAC systems wherever feasible.


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