08. General Government

Deferred Projects

Project Name Description
DT – Highspeed Internet Connectivity This project aims to expand infrastructure that supports high-speed internet communications for City fiber back haul and wireless networks. The benefits of pervasive connectivity include improved access to digital information and services as well as expanding coverage to City departments and neighborhood institutions serving underserved communities, and improving network performance for City services and infrastructure. In addition to meeting the City’s internal needs, DT would install sufficient additional capacity to provide open access fiber backbone capacity to underserved neighborhoods.
The estimated cost for this project is $1.6 million.
DT – Digital City Investing in smart, sustainable technology to provide Internet service delivery to residents, government agencies, and businesses is an important rising opportunity. Digital Cities technologies includes smart utility poles that embed several technologies—such as wireless connectivity, sensors, safety alarms, and sustainable solar lighting for outdoor public spaces. These modern technologies hold promise in improving efficiency, cost savings, speed, and functionality in a variety of sectors. DT has completed a feasibility study, which recommends an initial two-year pilot program.
The estimated cost for the Digital City pilot is $4.2 million.
RED – City Hall Dome and Roof Revitalization
and Seismic Strengthening
City Hall has been experiencing water leaks damaging to the structure and interior of the building. Revitalization of the Dome, Drum, Lantern and Roof Levels of City Hall are needed to address active water leaks through masonry, skylights, and Dome waterproofing membranes. Repairs are also needed to deteriorating structural stone and steel, and seismic strengthening work is needed as well. Complete scaffolding around the Dome is required for implementation of all components of this project, which makes it desirable to address all issues at once.
The estimated project cost for these repairs and improvements is at least $22 million. A possible source for this project includes future sales of Transferable Development Rights (TDR) from City Hall.

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