Deferred Projects

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Modern maintenance and storage facilities are vital to ensuring reliable transit service and that SFMTA’s fleet is in a state of good repair. The SFMTA’s Building Progress facility capital program supports upgrades to obsolete facilities to make them safe and efficient. The most urgent of these capital needs have been prioritized, but others remain unfunded.

The SFMTA has also deferred major corridor projects that assist Vision Zero pedestrian and bicycle safety goals; numerous Muni Forward corridor projects to make transit more effective; the full build out and replacement of station elevators; audible pedestrian signals to ensure accessibility; seismic retrofits and routine state of good repair upgrades of its parking garages; the full expansion of its light rail vehicle fleet; major track overhauls on the M-Ocean View line; a new train control system to improve on time performance; the full realization of the Rail Capacity Strategy; and other system wide state of good repair projects.

The cost of SFMTA’s deferred projects is approximately $4.6 billion through FY2029.


A number of projects that were included in SFO’s FY2017 CIP have been deferred and were not included in the FY2018 CIP. Notable deferrals include the consolidated rental car facility project and the related rental car center conversion to public parking. Airport staff and senior management determined the consolidated rental car facility project not to be a critical capital need at this time. Other notable deferrals include the Building 944 conversion to a flight kitchen, and the renovation of Cargo Buildings 606 and 730, which also were determined not to be critical capital needs at this time.

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