Transit Center

Transit Center

The Transit Center District Plan was adopted in 2012 to provide infrastructure improvements in conjunction with the opening of the Salesforce Transit Center. The Salesforce Transit Center is a $2.2 billion transportation hub that replaces the old Transbay Terminal and connects 11 regional transportation providers to downtown San Francisco. In addition to passengers arriving at the Transit Center, the Plan also includes several commercial developments.

The complete streets, transportation, and open space projects are designed to accommodate all of the new people that will arrive in the area each day. The Plan includes those projects to be implemented by City agencies, with additional projects to be completed by external agencies such as the Caltrain Downtown Extension (known as DTX), BART underground pedestrian connector, open space projects to be performed by the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure, and sustainable resource district projects.

In addition to Impact Fees as a primary source of funding infrastructure projects, the Transit Center District Plan has also implemented a Community Facilities District (CFD) special use tax that will provide funding for projects in the neighborhood. The total revenues estimated for the proposed projects in the Transit Center District is $910 million, including prior years. The tables on the following page show the Transit Center District spending plan, sources of funds, and funding gap.

South Downtown Design and Activation Plan (Soda): The Planning Department is engaged in a multi-agency process to develop a comprehensive vision for the design, implementation, and stewardship of the public spaces within San Francisco's South Downtown Area (composed of the Transit Center and Rincon Hill planning areas). This plan will inform infrastructure improvements designed to foster vibrant streets and open spaces, support high performing transit operations, and encourage active transportation choices for the people who live, work and visit the district.

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Key Proposed Transit Center Projects through 2031
Complete Streets
District-wide Streetscape and Pedestrian Improvements
Mid-block Crossings Signalization Changes
Casual Carpool Waiting Area
Better Market Street
Caltrain Downtown Extension (DTX) 
BART Station Capacity Improvements
Congestion Charging Pilot Transit Delay Mitigation
Recreation and Open Space
Portsmouth Square Improvements
Guy Place Park
Transit Center Park (Sales Force Park)
Chinatown Central Subway Plaza 
Spending Plan Prior Years FY 2022 FY 2023 FY 2024 FY 2025 FY 2026 FY 2027 - 2031 Plan Total  
(Dollars in Thousands)
Complete Streets 146,275  20,299  87,117  5,077  - - 14,566  127,059  114,934 
Open Space 88,515  1,228  67,286  9,891  - - 6,714  85,120   
Transit 439,664  2,750  - 3,308  - - 17,742  23,799  12,928 
TOTAL 674,454  24,277  154,403  18,276  - - 39,022  235,977  127,862 
Bonds 128,080  - 134,956  - - - - 134,956   
External Grants 150  - - - - - - -  
General Fund - Other - 11,254  15,030  - - - - 26,284   
Impact Fees 74,478  3,978  1,286  16,506  - - 21,280  43,051   
Other Local 471,746  9,046  3,130  1,769  - - 17,742  31,686   
TOTAL 674,454  24,277  154,403  18,276  - - 39,022  235,977   

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