12. Recreation, Culture + Education

Renewal Program

The overall renewal needs for the City’s Recreation, Culture, and Education facilities total nearly $2 billion over the next 10 years. Given funding constraints, the Plan recommends nearly $372 million from the General Fund and other local sources to meet these needs, as shown in Chart 12.1.

Chart 12.1
Chart 12.1

Because the majority of renewal funds for Parks and Libraries are protected by voter-approved set-asides, there is relatively less COVID-19-related risk to their funding. The same is not true for the City’s Civic Art Collection, cultural centers, and museums.

Priority parks renewal needs include pathway improvements, court resurfacing, and playfield and playground repairs. The 2020 Health and Recovery Bond included a program to address priority deferred maintenance needs in the Recreation and Parks portfolio.

The Arts Commission has completed a needs assessment for the Civic Art Collection. Roofing and masonry projects at the Legion of Honor and the Opera House also represent significant needs. Mechanical and electrical components in the Steinhart Aquarium require replacement at the Academy of Sciences.

Not included in the renewal curve shown here are the needs for CCSF and SFUSD. CCSF has identified $900 million in planned capital projects over the next 10 years, which still leaves a deferred maintenance backlog of $1.7 billion. Planned CCSF renewal projects include utility infrastructure replacement, boiler and roof repairs, and district-wide asphalt, concrete, and painting projects. SFUSD has a five-year plan to estimate deferred maintenance needs. With less state funding available for deferred maintenance, such projects are being funded through G.O. bonds. Needs that must be addressed before bond proceeds become available include repairs to roofing, boilers, HVAC and electrical systems, fire alarms and suppression systems, plumbing, and aging modular building replacement.


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