Enterprise and External Agencies

This Plan compiles information provided by the City’s Enterprise departments— the Port of San Francisco, the San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Agency, San Francisco International Airport, and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. Those departments have their own timelines and Commissions that govern their capital processes. The information in this Plan represents the best available at the time of publication. 

The Plan captures nearly $19 billion in Enterprise department capital investments during the next 10 years, a 3.8% increase from the previous Plan. 

Major projects identified in the last Plan such as the Central Subway, the Transbay Transit Center, Pier 70, and SFO terminal improvements, are proceeding. Additional Enterprise department needs have arisen, most notably the need to fortify the Seawall along the northern waterfront to protect the buildings, transportation systems, and horizontal infrastructure in that part of the city, as well as the residents, workers, and visitors who frequent there. 

Enterprise departments appear in this Plan’s G.O. Bond Program. The SFMTA passed a $500 million Transportation G.O. Bond in 2014, and there is another one planned for 2024, as well as a $350 million bond to fortify the Seawall in 2018. 

The Enterprise departments also issue revenue bonds against the revenues generated from user fees, taxes, and surcharges. Table 1.4 shows the current amount of revenue bonds to be issued for each department over the 10-year term of this Plan. 

As with the G.O. Bond and COP Programs, all revenue bond issuances are subject to change based on market conditions and cash flow needs of the associated projects. 

For external agencies City College of San Francisco, San Francisco Unified School District, the San Francisco Housing Authority, Treasure Island Development Agency, and the Office of Community Investment & Infrastructure (the successor agency to the Redevelopment Authority), the Plan captures $11 billion in capital investments over the next 10 years, a 29% increase from the last Capital Plan.

Table 1.4
Amount of Revenue Bond Issuances FY2018-2027
(Dollars in Millions)
Agency FY18-22
SFPUC 5,458 1,375 6,834
Airport 5,217 5,217  
SFMTA 150 100 250
Total 10,825 1,475 12,301

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