Capital Planning Fund

The Capital Planning Fund supports critical project development or pre-bond planning outside the regular General Fund budget. Historically, the General Fund supported pre-bond critical project development on the condition that once bonds for that project were issued, the General Fund would be reimbursed. This Plan assumes that bond reimbursements will flow into the Capital Planning Fund and be used for future project development and pre-bond planning. 

The Capital Planning Fund may be used for planning of building projects that are funded through sources other than bonds, but those funds are not reimbursable. This investment in planning helps increase public confidence and the likelihood that these projects will be delivered on time and on budget by improving cost estimation reliability and refining project delivery methods. 

This Plan has identified $3.8 million in FY2018 projects to be funded through the Capital Planning Fund: Seawall fortification and the relocation of DPH staff out of 101 Grove Street. There are additional projects in the Plan well-suited to Capital Planning Fund allocations, such as public safety improvements expected to be funded through Earthquake Safety & Emergency Response G.O. Bonds and continued planning for the Justice Facilities Improvement Program to close the Hall of Justice.

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