Emerging Projects

Project Name Description
FIR – Candlestick Development New Fire Station The new development in the 38-acre site of Candlestick Park will include approximately 16 blocks of retail, entertainment, and 10,000 housing units, with one-third designated as affordable housing. The surge in population and the increase of traffic and density will warrant a new Neighborhood Fire Station in an already-identified community facility parcel. The developer’s infrastructure plan includes horizontal development of the site before turning it over to the City for the construction of the new station.
FIR – Hunters Point New Fire Station As with the Candlestick Park development, the projected growth at Hunters Point shipyard will warrant the development of a new fire station to meet the needs of surging population, traffic, and density in the area. The parcel is expected to be ready for development of a new fire station around 2020 at the earliest.
JUV – Juvenile Probation Department Master Plan Implementation The Juvenile Probation Department is undergoing a facilities assessment for its entire portfolio, including Log Cabin Ranch in San Mateo County. The results of that assessment are expected to show a significant funding need across facilities. Decisions regarding prioritization of projects and funding levels will be made following the completion of the assessment. There may be some revenue sources available to cover a portion of the costs, such as State funds for construction of local juvenile facilities and working in partnership with neighboring counties to establish a regional facility.
JUV – Transitional Housing for High-Risk Juveniles Transitional housing managed by trained Probation personnel could provide an important and needed resource within the City's continuum of service to high-risk youth. The proposed housing could be located on the Woodside Avenue campus and help youth removed from their homes to receive treatment in a safe and therapeutic environment so that they can successfully transition back to the community.
POL – Central District Station Replacement The Central District Station was constructed in 1972 and was the only district station not upgraded in the 1987 SFPD facility bond program. Central Station is adjacent to a structure that houses a public parking garage, which poses a real danger as blast setback is not incorporated into the building’s design. In addition, the station is ballistically inadequate for use. Recent assessment has determined that this facility needs complete replacement. An interim solution may be to relocate the station temporarily until an adequate site can be identified. The ESER G.O. Bond Program is a possible source of funds for this project.
POL – Long-Term Evidence Storage The SFPD requires between 50,000 and 100,000 square feet of evidence storage for cold cases. This facility could be located out of county. This space is in addition to the space required for active case evidence more proximate to the Investigations Unit described above. The Real Estate Division is currently pursuing lease options out of county to meet this need for cold case evidence storage.
POL – Tenderloin District Station The Tenderloin Station was established in 2000 from an old auto garage. Since that time the station has undergone small changes to accommodate daily functions, but the facilities are under strain due to the round-the-clock operations and increased staffing levels. A large evidence processing and storage room, women’s locker room, and secure designated sally port prisoner processing area are all needed. The Tenderloin Station is a zero lot building which will only allow for the building to expand upward, creating a multi-story building. Due to the structural integrity concerns, it is anticipated that the building will need a considerable amount of study and retrofitting if it is to be used in the future. The ESER G.O. Bond program would be a possible source of funds for this project once scoped.
SHF – County Jails #1 and #2 (425 7th Street) Improvements Phase 2 There are many needs at the 425 7th Street jails that are unlikely to be met even if the BSCC financing is awarded and accepted. The kitchen and laundry are inoperable. Improvements are needed in the medical services pod (Pod C). A more comprehensive conversion of dorms to cells would further reduce the population of the Hall of Justice by creating more space for maximum security classification prisoners. A full description of facility needs has been documented in the recently completed SHF Master Plan.
SHF – County Jail #6 Decommissioning and Repurposing The low-security facilities at CJ#6 in San Mateo County have not been used for prisoner housing for many years. The Sheriff’s Department intends to decommission this facility as a jail so that it can be repurposed for other uses. One options for this space would be training spaces. This project will require a full code review for "Occupancy" re-classification and professional designer review for modern updating for its new intended purpose.
Multiple Departments – Public Safety Training Facilities SFFD, SFPD, and the Sheriff’s Department have all identified training facility needs. SFFD currently rents a facility on Treasure Island, which will be demolished as part of the island’s redevelopment plan, and the department’s second facility in the Mission District is too small to accommodate all training operations. The Police Academy facility does not have adequate floor space to accommodate training programs for the department’s officers and needs to expand. The Sheriff’s Department has been using the old County Jail #6 facility for training as needed, but that building needs to be brought up to code and reconfigured to serve its current purpose. The ESER G.O. Bond Program is a possible source of funds to support these needs.

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