Renewal Program

The overall renewal needs for the City’s General Government facilities total $416 million over the next 10 years. Given funding constraints, the Plan allocates $126 million from the General Fund to meet these needs, as shown in Chart 7.1.

Chart 7.1 - General Government Facilities
Chart 7.1

Of note in this service area are the significant needs at the Moscone Convention Center. Some of these needs will be funded by the Moscone Expansion District hotel assessment; this contribution starts at one percent of funds collected in the first 10 years (approximately $200,000 per year) and grows to six percent thereafter (approximately $1 million per year). The Convention Facilities Fund will provide an additional $35 million towards renewals over the next 10 years.

Approximately $23 million in facility renewal needs have been identified for Yerba Buena Gardens over the next 10 years. Remaining capital reserves and anticipated revenues are expected to be sufficient to fund these costs. Major renewals will include roof and elevator repairs, open space restorations, and waterproofing work, among others. 

Another important piece of the GSA renewal program is San Francisco’s City Hall, managed by RED. In 2015 San Francisco City Hall held a community celebration marking the 100th anniversary of the building’s opening. While a number of capital improvements have been made, additional improvements are required to keep the building in condition befitting its landmark status.

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