Deferred Projects

Project Name 


PW – Bayview Transportation Improvements 

This project will rehabilitate and reconfigure the right-of-way in the in the Bayview and Hunters Point Shipyard development areas to increase roadway capacities and increase safety and accessibility. It will reduce truck traffic on Third Street and residential streets and develop a more direct truck route between US 101 and existing and planned development in the Bayview and Hunters Point Shipyard.

The estimated project cost is $41 million. 

PW – Jefferson Street Streetscape Enhancement Project, Phase 2 

Phase 1 of the Jefferson Street Streetscape Enhancement Project was completed in 2013 and created improvements to pedestrian areas along the length of Jefferson Street, featuring improved intersections and street segments, pedestrian corner plazas, shortened crossing distances, pedestrian scale lighting, and other amenities. Phase 2 of this project would extend street improvements on Jefferson Street from Jones to Powell Streets, improving the street user experience on a major, iconic, commercial corridor in San Francisco.

The total cost to complete Phase 2 is $13 million. 

PW – Market Street Plaza Enhancements 

Market Street Plaza Enhancements would bring major improvements to UN, Hallidie, and Mechanics Plazas along Market Street, making them more inviting, active spaces. Based on the conceptual designs, improvements could include: decking over the sunken plaza at Hallidie, creating a space for civic events at the UN Plaza, regrading to address accessibility issues at the Mechanics Plaza, and increasing seating at all three locations.

The total cost to enhance these plazas is $97 million. 

PW – Streetscape Improvement Program 

The Streetscape Program enhances neighborhood streets, alleys, and plazas across the City through best practices in design that bring safety, economic, and beautification improvements. Typical improvements include street tree planting, site furnishings, lighting upgrades, and pedestrian and bicycle safety features such as pedestrian islands, bike lanes, crosswalk enhancements, and other traffic calming measures.

The 10-year estimated cost for the Streetscape Improvement Program is $442 million. 

PW – Utility Undergrounding 

Overhead utility wires and related infrastructure are potential public safety hazards and a visual blemish on San Francisco’s vistas. This project would involve relocating overhead utility wires underground. Undergrounding utilities reduces the frequency of needed maintenance, but requires a large up-front investment.

Generally, undergrounding costs roughly eight million dollars per mile. The estimated cost to underground utilities across the City over the next 10 years is over $1 billion dollars. Funding for the project has not been identified to date. Going forward the City will continue to explore funding options as well as potential leveraging opportunities associated with other right-of-way projects that involve opening up the roadway. 

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